Missed Connections

No, this isn’t some Craigslist ad where I saw some guy at Whole Foods with ripped abs and man bun who stole my heart and I am now seeking to find. Although if you were that guy I saw at Whole Foods while I was buying organic air, call me…

This is about the where the future of branding is taking us…and not taking us.

Every single brand out there has a story they’re trying to tell. The problem? People aren’t listening. This is where marketing communications are failing: CONNECTIONS. tell-me-more-47poqt

I follow Gary Vaynerchuck religiously. Yes, he can be a lot to take in sometimes but you cannot deny his genius. Speaking of relationships, in Gary’s book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, Gary talks about how to get your story told in a noisy social world. In this YouTube video he touches on this and talks about the difference between marketing and branding.

Branding is the long haul game. Summed up by Gary: Relationship building is what creates a strong brand: Instead of trying to sleep with someone on the first night (marketing), look to marry (branding).

Connect. Seek to help people. Come from a place of service. You might fail. In fact, expect to, many times over before you get it right but when it’s genuine, people will finally hear you. People will follow, people will want to marry your brand and not just sleep with it for one night. This is truly what will make a brand a winning one.

Effective marketing communication may ultimately be about sales, but it’s about PEOPLE first. It’s about realizing behind the Internet, are people who are looking to be inspired and moved. When you can make people feel something, that is what makes marketing content engaging, shareable, viral, and what ultimately gets people hooked on your product or service.

There is a time and place to ask for the business. In the meantime, build the relationship!

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4 Responses to Missed Connections

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Did you say hot guy with man bun? If you find him… call me too!

    I like how Gary mentioned “call to actions”. NO one has time to go on a wild goose chase to find out more about your company/product. If you’re not giving them a way to engage, they’re most likely not going to pursue that on their own.

    I am a huge fan of effective CTAs because of my profession. I oversee a digital marketing team at our marketing company. CTAs are crucial for us to get that engagement we want from our members/clients. There’s this idea of removing as much friction as possible so the subscriber will be more likely to click. If there is no CTA, this is way too much friction to even handle! Give someone a reason to click, call, buy (whatever the CTA is), but don’t just include a CTA just to include one. Make it count!

    This was a great reminder on building relationships that last. Thanks for posting!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Hi Lorena, I like your comment about remembering that there are people on the other side of your computer. I think it’s like what Coughter discussed in the Art of the Pitch, that every presentation or pitch should be a conversation, even if you’re the only one talking! I think it’s important to connect to the customer or client and be relatable.

  3. Alejandro says:

    Lorena, your post is hilarious! Your headline totally made me wonder where you were going with all of this. You made some great points about connections and the importance of the human element. And I do think its fair to compare it to dating. Quality matters, and goes a long way!


  4. Kathleen says:

    What a great way to illustrate branding vs marketing! In order to build a brand, it is important to make important, quality connections with your target audience. Like in marriage, it’s impossible to have a successful branding relationship without a strong connection.