Top 5 inventions coming soon

I am preparing for a Digital Marketing Summit in November. In reviewing the agency material, I came across an interesting YouTube video, Top 5 Future Technology Inventions: 2019 – 2050, that is relevant for today’s organizations tomorrow. This video showcases the top five inventions anticipated to be in market as soon as 2019 and as late as 2050:

  1. Smart Newspaper
  2. Smart CARD
  3. Wall-Format Display Glass
  4. I Watch
  5. Cicret Bracelet

Getting to know future drivers of results – Annually Gartner releases a “Cool Vendors” report across many sectors including the marketing technology space. Innovation in marketing is rising with dramatic impact on budgets. The 2015-2016 Gartner report indicated 71% of marketing executives dedicated a portion of their budget to innovation (up 64% from the previous year). The critical take away is deciding what’s cool and what innovations need to be on your radar screen right now.

Often us Communication Professionals and others within the organization are so focused on the “here and now” communication tactics that we never get a chance to PAUSE to see what’s right around the corner. Emerging technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other trends such as wearable technologies, will change how organizations think and how consumers make product and service decisions. According to the Economist, the good news is new technological advancements and the introduction of gadgets create new markets and new employment opportunities.

If you are interested in next generation inventions, subscribe to Generation Challenge.

Gartner’s 2016 Marketing Cool Vendor Visual 



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9 Responses to Top 5 inventions coming soon

  1. Amara says:

    Hi Beverly,

    The video and report just goes to show how close we actually are to this type of technology. It is not longer just a thought but something agencies are working towards. While watching the video I could not help but think, are we getting lazier or working smarter? I’d like to think the latter. Of the inventions shown, I am not sure how the smart newspaper will pan out only because of the material used. I am sure the designers will not overlook this aspect however. Looking further into each invention, it appears some are ready for production. I am looking forward to what future technology holds. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Mona says:

    Hi Beverly,

    What an eye opener into the future, however I feel like we are already in the future with all the new gadgets and “smart” technological advancements surrounding us. With that said, I feel like we are already heading in the direction of the new inventions that are coming into play from the creations of iPhone to having a car drive for you (Tesla). New technology requires us to think beyond the current level, so I find that it makes us humans only to be more intelligent. The more advanced we are getting in technology, the more intelligent we become.

    Thanks for a great post!

  3. Kristina says:

    This is fantastic information, to be sure. But what I liked most in this article is the fact that in our efforts to work diligently in communications here and now we miss what’s coming ahead. Missing such information of what’s coming can actually prove damaging in connecting with people through appropriate means of communication. Excellent wake up call here!

  4. Shane says:

    Hello Beverly,

    Thank you for sharing this informative post. This is the first time I have seen any of these inventions depicted so this was very interesting for me to see.

    To witness the importance of the changing landscape in how people consume information and data, one just has to look at what is happening in the media industry. Consumers are moving away from traditional broadcast and cable services and instead are moving to streaming options such Netflix and Hulu for their news and entertainment. The announcement just this week that AT&T is seeking to buy Time Warner underscores just how dramatically and rapidly this shift is taking place. This has substantial implications for how marketers and communicators will reach their target audiences going forward.

    The inventions that you mentioned in your post seem to have the potential to have the same effect in just a matter of years. It should be fun to watch it play out.

    Cheers, Shane

  5. Cindy says:

    Hi Beverly,

    First of all, I’m totally geeking out over here!! While watching the video I kept thinking ” I WANT THAT!”

    My main concern regarding advanced technology and these fascinating gadgets is that they make us anti-social and unaware of our surroundings. I was on the USC campus the other day and had to dodge several run-ins with fellow students who weren’t paying attention to where they were walking…they almost ran into me! Everyone is staring at their phones and no one is talking anymore, which is detrimental not only to organizational communication, but also personal relationships. Yes, technology is making it easier and easier to communicate and stay in contact, but there are certain factors that don’t come across when via digital technology.

    Nonetheless, looking at all these new inventions is exciting. That Cicret bracelet is something I would like to own (and it looks far better than an iWatch). No more wondering where I left my phone or having it get lost amongst the contents in my purse. Everything is right there is your wrist.

    Great post!
    Cindy Noriega-Ortiz

  6. Eunhye says:

    Hi Bev,

    What an informative post! I’m always interested in the new technology and future inventions. Our company has a monthly digital submit agency-wide to share new tactics and market practices. It was a great opportunity for non-specialists in the tech area. I believe the new wave is coming soon, and digital drivers are key to everything. I recently visited Bank of America, and I was blown away with their new interactive ATM system. It made me feel like I was at a future city. I’m excited what you are going to share at the summit in November!

    Good luck, and thanks for sharing all videos! I really enjoyed your post.

    Claire (Eunhye) Kim

  7. Sarah Price says:

    Hi Beverly, thanks for your post. I love the idea that you explored here – how true, that we always need to be looking out for what is coming next. I work in wearables and emerging technology, and even I can get so caught up in the day-to-day that I forget to look at the big picture of what is going on in the world. I haven’t seen most of these concepts before, but agree that much of this seems feasible, especially if you look out 30 years – after all, just look at what has happened to mobile phones in the past 10 years (for reference, the iPhone is 9 years old – and the Apple Watch is 1.5!).

    What impact do you think these technologies will have on digital marketing and communications? What opportunities should we as communicators be looking for? How do you think we should be preparing?

  8. Beverly says:

    Sarah, all good questions … My recommendation would be to constantly scan the universe to evaluate the emerging trends. At my organization, we have a monthly innovation meeting where Subject Matter Experts provide opinions and current penetration number s (if any) plus forecast what new technologies we need to evaluate and potentially discuss with new and current vendors. The bottomline is to collaborate within and outside of your organization to ensure “all brains” provide guidance. The coming years will take collaboration, smarts, and lots of research.

  9. Kelly says:

    Beverly! thanks for sharing this, it was all news to me!
    You make an excellent point that organizations need to be mindful of technical innovations to come and begin to incorporate them into their strategic plans, campaigns, and budgets. I am pretty excited about some of the technology featured in the video and wonder if it will “help” or “hurt” the efficiency of communication.
    I was just chatting with a colleague who was complaining about how email was designed to make communication more efficient, while in many respects it has slowed decision-making processes in some aspects while expediting others. Nonetheless, most of my colleague’s complaints resided with volume. How much new invention is too much? How many more devices, apps, or technical innvations can individuals or organizations manage? How will companies be able to suss out which adoptions are essential and which are merely a luxury or fad. There’s a lot of ambiguity to explore here.