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Facebook’s Advertising Tool … discriminating?

ProPublica, a New York-based investigative newsroom revealed Facebook’s advertising tool violates civil rights housing laws by allowing advertisers to cater to certain segments. To demonstrate Facebook’s tool violates Fair Housing Laws, ProPublica, a non-profit news team dedicated to consumer interests, … Continue reading

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Top 5 inventions coming soon

I am preparing for a Digital Marketing Summit in November. In reviewing the agency material, I came across an interesting YouTube video, Top 5 Future Technology Inventions: 2019 – 2050, that is relevant for today’s organizations tomorrow. This video showcases … Continue reading

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Resume Optimization – Go Digital to Make the Cut

If you are a student graduating soon, unemployed looking for a job or currently employed seeking a career change, the new mandate is to tailor your resume for digital appeal. Employing digital best practices will make certain your resume is … Continue reading

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