5,000,000 views for only $32.99!–Buyral: When you NEED your video to go viral.

Gungnam Style

Justin Bieber

Rebacca Black

The annoying orange


It is highly possible that you are familiar with these names and even watched their videos because their videos went nuts all over the cyberspace. No need to mention what the internet has brought to Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. They started from YouTube videos and have now became famous stars. Even the annoying orange gets its own segment on cartoon network. Millions and millions of views will not only bring you fame, but also money. The question is :How do you make your videos go viral?

Buyral makes it all possible now. (and I am not trying to make a sell.)

Anyway. Buyral is a company that offers clicks on your video that help your video to go viral,and lets now watch their informative sales video.

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea isn’t it?ย  Because it says Buyral “guarantees” you with a viral video if you buy their service.

The price isn’t so bad either. 5 millions views is even on sale.

This reminds me ofย  the Twitter case that we discussed in class where people sell fake fans to make you look more popular. I believe this case is just as controversial. The true value of a viral video to a brand is the attention and the awareness from the audience and possibly potential consumers. However, Buyral is now making all of these values into a mice and multiple clicks. Is this right? Would this work?

Lets see what are the vague values of a viral video.

So the viewership really doesn’t mean everything. Even though Buyral can give you millions and millions of view counts, but it doesn’t give you the things that a real viral video gives.

Lets now take a look what is real viral video marketing:

As mentioned in the clip, a real viral video has many benefits. Viral video marketing is really not just about the view counts. I believe the content still rules everything else. Maybe Buyral and the meaningless viewership will get you a good start? I don’t know. People may get curious to see what the fuss is about a highly viewed video, but if the content is not attractive enough, audience will soon lose interests, and no one wins in the end.

On the other hand, some people might need the viewership and nothing else because some marketing agents have mentioned in the comments of Buyral’s sales video that they had clients asking just for the view counts and were not worried about what that really means.In this case, Buyral is just about to give the right things to the right people: filling the need gap in the market. This is never wrong.

How would Buyral do in the future, better or worse? The question remains unanswered. Do you think buying the views is ethical? or do you see the future of it since the social network is getting more and more powerful?

Let me know what you think of it.




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13 Responses to 5,000,000 views for only $32.99!–Buyral: When you NEED your video to go viral.

  1. June Xue says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting information with us! The first video introducing the Buyral company is very informative and the map indicating how far its network has reached works quite effectively.

    On one hand, I’ve marveled at Buyral’s initiatives in this “clicking” business and their efforts to expand the “clicking” idea into almost very aspect in our life. How pushing buttons in an elevator contributes to the clicking is fairly impressive to me and their idea, though not groundbreaking, still sounds fresh and innovative.

    However, on the other hand, yes, I do agree that this Buyral company and its clicking business will be very controversial and disputable. Apparently, they do strive to make what they do sound as impeccable as possible if you think about how they incorporate the scenes with the elderly and the kids into their intro video. However, the Buyral’s idea still could not be justified to me, especially considering the controversial nature of incorporating kids and elderly into such a business. Besides, sitting in front of a computer could do harm do these two groups.

    Moreover, increasing the click rates using Buyral service could do harm to some of its clients. For instance, clients’ video or viral marketing campaigns may bear some lethal weaknesses they have not been aware of, but the surging click rates will only indicate a positive feedback from the audience instead of uncovering the underlying drawbacks. In this regard, this Buyral approach will only harm its clients. Of course, there are still circumstances under which Buyral could be effective and may engender considerable revenues for the service users.

    In a nutshell, there is not an absolute “yes” or “no” to this Buyral approach, but its potential drawbacks are definitely worth circumspection.

    • saijiali says:

      Thanks so much for your reply June!
      Some of your points are very informative, and I really appreciate them.
      I have to say I can’t agree with your more about the harm this Buyral company’s going to bring to its consumers.
      But I mean, at the end of the day, it’s all personal choices and I respect that.
      Thanks again!

  2. chenshen says:

    The video of Buyral is very interesting and makes me feel: wow! Is that true? The company hires people, no matter old people or young interns, daytime or night, and in the elevator or at home to increase the view count of viral videos? This drags me to their website to dig down a bit more to find out what kind of business model this company is using. Finally I found out actually their marketing strategy is very smart as well as very tricky. Although the company claims that they would help clients increase the view count of videos, many people just like me, who is curious about what they showed in the commercial ad and wants to find out the answer on their website, would help the company click on their videos which are posted on their websites for free. The company use our curiosity to help them increase the videos clicks on its website. This is a very witty marketing strategy no matter how we think about viral videos or whether the commercial ad of the company shows us truth. The company let people know their service and the brand Buyral.

    Related to viral videos, I think even though many company frequently use it as a marketing strategy to promote their products or service, the content of the videos are still concerned by customers or viewers. If there is nothing valuable to be promoted in the videos or the content doesn’t have a good quality, it won’t help the brand increase a lot of buzz in long run. It might also hurt the brand if the information of the videos are not very well connected to the product or service, and finally the viral videos might bother the customers or viewers.

    • saijiali says:

      Thanks so much for your reply Chen!
      And yes I agree with you that the content of the video is much more important than anything else.
      Lets just hope that the content creators realize that and make wise decisions in the end ๐Ÿ™‚
      thank you again!

  3. limthong says:

    Fame is easy to get but hard to maintain.

    My concern for this is the fact that Rebacca Black and Sai (Gangnam style) both have had their 15 minutes of fame but where are they now? I haven’t heard from Black for ages until you’ve mentioned her in this blog. The same Sai, I haven’t been hearing his music as much now. These imply that fame faded. The chose depends on the brand direction and position. Whether you wanted your to get quick attention (which is not a bad thing it just depends on what kind of brand you are. You might be working with a brand that needs constant changes.) or a long lasting one. To go with one direction or another, it all depends on your brand’s personality and the impact you’re aiming for.

    • saijiali says:

      Thank you for your reply.
      I agree that it really depends on which direction to go for, but quick attention is not bad either isn’t it. It brings money and fame. Doesn’t matter it will last or not ๐Ÿ™‚
      thats just my personal opinion though.
      thanks for sharing your idea again!

  4. Qingwei says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    There are a lot of reasons why fake fans and fake clicks prevail in the industry. The most apparent one is to attract more fans and more clicks through the appeal of the large number. People tend to judge the value of a video and a person before really knowing them by checking how other people react to them. This is one of the human nature marketers take advantage of.

    There might be another reason for the popularity of fake number. Most brands have agencies to take charge of their new media platforms. And KPI is the only thing agencies care about, which in most cases take form of numbers. But in long term, the fake numbers do not serve the purpose and will eventually jeopardize the brand image. To attract more people to look at your commercials is only the first step. To generate sales is the ultimate purpose of all the brands, which is hard to achieve through fake numbers.

  5. Amy Duan says:

    Thank you for sharing those facts about viral videos!
    I always appreciate that Internet enrich our lives and free our choices by democratizing the information and letting everybody speak. However I feel disappointed because this is not always a fair market and it seems everything included popularity, fame can be achieved by money.
    One reason this works is that people always pursue famous things and popular staff. When they see some video with millions of views, they are more likely to open it and more likely to enjoy it.
    Another factor that I think of is that nowadays it’s so hard to stand out from such a chaotic age with excessive data and information. How can a good but newly built content with zero view counts rank in the top 10 and let people saw it? It is hard, and if they only have 100 dollars, what will they choose? A small size of ads in a newspaper or buy fans or viewers with only $30?
    I completely agree that content is still the king. content will make people to put loyalty to a brand rather than a temporary interest in a single one product. I will even feel it is kind of smart to stand out with a small amount of marketing cost and let more people see the product. It will ultimately increase liking for its good content and high quality.

  6. mtsang says:

    The discussion and concept on buying video views was pretty interesting.
    However, the company Buyral doesn’t actually exist.

    I’m not sure if you had realized, but the Buyral Video is actually a spoof on how agencies around the world try to get their client’s videos to go viral on YouTube. The parody was made by John St. , an advertising company located in Toronto, Canada that wanted to make a video to get their own brand and services out there.

    I think John St. did a great job creating this hilarious make-believe ‘professional clicking’ company. However, people may really believe in it as it isn’t too far fetch from reality. As you mentioned, there are companies out there that help clients gain Twitter and Instagram followers. I think it would have been more effective for John St. if they had stated on their website that the Buyral video was a parody, and then mention that buying video views does not work, and to succeed, the user should use their services instead (which is the whole point of the video).

    On another note, if Buyral was a real company, I believe they wouldn’t have been successful because of several reasons:
    – YouTube is sensitive about the same Computer/IP address clicking on the same video multiple times in a short period of time. This is became they don’t want people to inflate their YouTube views to gain more money from their video ads. It could be very hard for Buyral to bypass this.

    – As you mentioned, Viewers may watch a video that already has many views, but if the video is not entertaining, they won’t share it. This means, if Buyral client’s video is boring, the video will never truly go ‘viral’, and the number of video views will never increase greatly from the amount Buyral ‘clicked’ for their client. Also, don’t forget the ‘dislike’ button on YouTube! If real viewers see the video and hated it, there will be a lot of ‘dislikes’, which can ward off potential viewers from watching the video.

    – Their own Buyral video only had 741,000 views! If they can guarantee a viral video to their clients, their own sales video should have a least a million views by now. It’s like having an obese person try to sell you a diet, exercise plan that guarantees that you will become skinny.

    – Not only is using children in school and elderly people unethical, but Buyral’s services could also violate YouTube’s terms and conditions. Since Youtube has allowed YouTubers to earn money from displaying ads on their videos, falsely inflating the video views is deemed unethical and violates YouTube’s contract with the YouTuber.

    This post is interesting in discussing how successful or ethical paying for YouTube viewership is. However, I believe this sort of company would not be able to exist or succeed for long.

  7. zhaoyunw says:

    Thank you for sharing this interesting finding.

    When I first saw the video of Buyral, I am like:”Is that real? It is so crazy. ” I am not sure if there does exist a company like this to hire kids and elders to help a video go viral. Is that eagle to do this?

    Let’s just say it is real. I think it won’t last long. A viral video has to be interesting, funny and attention-worthy. If Buyral can help a video gain millions of clips but the video itself is boring, the video would not be successful for a long time. Just like the fake fans on Twitter. If the tweets themselves are not interesting, followers would still decrease with the time flows.

    I think we cannot guarantee what kind of video can go viral. Some people just make the videos for fun and it goes crazy. The basic elements might be catchy and funny image, and contents that are easy to understand. You cannot image a viral video at the beginning. Focusing on the content is more important.

  8. jianshan says:

    Thanks for sharing this great piece Amy!

    In essence, this is just like buying Facebook likes or Twitter followers. It is of course not ethical in my opinion, but I guess it’s becoming acceptable in the business world. Businessmen are masters of deception after all. Undoubtedly we are living in a world where people can become a star overnight. But the very same medium that makes you famous can also destroy you. With that said, instant fame may not be long-lasting without any true value. Therefore I definitely agree with your statement that the content still rules. Anything without any substantiality eventually fades away. What stays are always golds whose glitters last. Therefore, websites like Buyral might be one of the tricks of which marketers can take advantage. Nevertheless, the substantial content in the communication strategies is still the core to work on in order for the campaign to be successful.

  9. tumacder says:

    Thank you for the interesting post! It’s funny how people are finding more and more ways to make good money ๐Ÿ˜› I really don’t know if this is ethical or not, but it is surely beneficial for people who post videos!

    As for videos that have gone very viral, I wonder if they did use techniques like this to gain popularity. Like you said though, it probably wouldn’t have been as successful if the content weren’t entertaining enough. But then again, I would think that certain videos become popular because it seems popular. For instance, when I look at the LeBron James video by Samsung, it isn’t very entertaining and there isn’t much to it that would gain popularity except for the fact that a popular athlete plays the main role. I myself watched the video because of the company, but if it weren’t for my background, I would have probably clicked on the video seeing that it had several million views. It may not be as effective for truly popular videos like Psy’s Gangnam Style, but for companies who are launching a minor campaign online, Buyral would be helpful since the video “seems” viral, thus making consumers attracted to the clip. Again, thank you for the interesting note! I really enjoyed reading your post.