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The Fast-Food Breakfast Battle

In the world of fast-food restaurants, there is currently an epic war being waged on the breakfast battlefield. Since the release of their breakfast menu in early 2014, Taco Bell has being going head-to-head with long-standing breakfast champion, McDonalds, for the … Continue reading

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Trending: #WinterStormJonas

While Californians have been staying dry and warm, the rest of us on the eastern half of the country have been experiencing the cold, snow, and flooding brought on by Winter Storm Jonas. The non-stop coverage of the storm began … Continue reading

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Yeah….they’ve got your number.

First, a confession; then a question. Confession: I have a longtime, rather unhealthy fetish for very luxurious, very expensive handbags. I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at websites in pursuit of my next conquest. I have visions of … Continue reading

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Jed and Jenny: A story of persuasion

I thought it might be fun to use an infographic to illustrate an important communication topic. The Persuasion Knowledge Model was the first theory of persuasion to account for the knowledge possessed by a message’s receiver in the outcome of the … Continue reading

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5,000,000 views for only $32.99!–Buyral: When you NEED your video to go viral.

“Gungnam Style” “Justin Bieber” “Rebacca Black” “The annoying orange” Similarities? It is highly possible that you are familiar with these names and even watched their videos because their videos went nuts all over the cyberspace. No need to mention what … Continue reading

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It’s still a $50bn business in the US-marketing strategies in cosmetics industry

As a makeup addict myself, I spend over $150 every month on all types of cosmetics such as makeups, perfumes, skin cares, nail polishes and so on. The global cosmetics industry is still considered to be a multibillion dollar business. … Continue reading

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