Skyfall + Coke Zero = Unlock the 007 in You

After watching those endless episodes of 007, Mission Impossible or the Bourne series, don’t tell me that you’ve never dreamed of being a secret agent yourself. With the release of the newest episode of the 007 series entitled Skyfall in UK on Oct. 26, Coke Zero is offering everyone the chance to become James Bond for 70 seconds. Well at least that’s what the commercial shows. Check it out here:


It all happened in a train station in Belgium. What’s more to the vending machine routine was a task to get to another Coke Zero vending machine at another platform in 70 seconds to win a movie ticket to the 23rd episode of the 007 series. Undoubtedly it’s never easy to be a secret agent. The escalators were never clear. And there were always a dog walker with a bunch of dogs or spilled oranges and boxes to block your way. Even if you had made your way to the other vending machine in 70 seconds, there was still one last task waiting for you at the destination. You had to sing the James Bond theme song to finally win the ticket. Fortunately it got a lot easier when all the nice people were singing with you. The movie ticket finally came out and it’s the end of the story. The whole plot echoes perfectly with the Coke Zero tagline “Make It Possible”.

This cross campaign for Skyfall and Coke Zero entitled Unlock the 007 in You has gone viral on the web. First of all, it’s cool. Who wouldn’t want to become James Bond even if it’s just for 70 seconds? It’s always tempting to challenge yourself with some mission impossible. In this sense, it fulfills some sort of movie fantasy in everyone. Moreover, while watching those funny encounters on the participants’ way to the destination, you might wonder on a second thought if all this was just a fiction or a documentary. It shouldn’t be hard to come up with a conclusion if you think rationally. And yes it’s all stunts. But does it matter whether it’s fake or real? We are all well aware that movies aren’t real but a lot of times we still find ourselves inevitably trapped in the fantasy. Therefore, it’s a smart campaign as long as it links Coke Zero with the coolness of 007 for consumers.

Here’s a new commercial of this partnered campaign. It looks like the hero manages to accomplish another mission impossible, only that this time it’s a more clichéd plot.

It’s not a first-time partnership between Coke Zero and the 007 series. This is the ad for the promotion of the Quantum Of Solace episode from a year ago.

It’s fair enough to say that the one from last year is more abstract but visual while the new one this year is more concrete and sticky as it tells a story with humor. Now do you feel like trying a Coke Zero or buying a movie ticket? Will this campaign boost the sale of Coke Zero or raise the box office numbers of Skyfall? Hopefully it’s a win-win situation. We’ll see.

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13 Responses to Skyfall + Coke Zero = Unlock the 007 in You

  1. Qingwei says:

    Thanks for sharing these interesting campaigns with us Jane.

    I just watched 007 Skyfall last weekend and I was amazed by the main title. I have never been an avid fan to 007 series and the “secret agent” theme does not appeal to me much. But the series is so classic and the image of James Bond has been rooted so deeply in people’s minds all over the world that once the movie comes out, it becomes a “must-see”. Even though you are not crazy about James Bond and even gives a thumb-down to this type of movie, you will feel it hard to resist the temptation to get a glimpse of the new plot and escape life for a moment by emerging yourself into the fantasy.

    The campaign of Coke Zero is hilarious and in the nick of time.What impressed me most is how the brand correlated its image to 007 in two totally different styles. This year’s campaign is characterized by challenge and humor while last year’s ads was exhibited in a visually captivating way. This year’s campaign also attracted me by adopting the catchy theme song of Skyfall and resonating with audiences by presenting daily life scenarios.

    It makes me wonder why Coco Cola stopped in the stage of commercials in this campaign. As far as I am concerned, this “Make it possible” campaign is quite actionable to be more engaging. Coco Cola can make the commercial real by using vending machines to interact with consumers. How GranataPet dog food took advantage of billboard to interact with consumers is a good example. Vending machines are also great channels to communicate with the consumers. Hope that Coco Cola could further the campaign.

    • jianshan says:

      Yes I totally agree that it would definitely be more fun if this were for real. But I believe that must be some unsolvable safety and regulation issues to execute this kind of mission impossible especially in public places. Therefore I guess that’s also why they decided to make a fake one in the commercial.

  2. Tansy Tang says:

    Thank you for introducing this novel campaign. The idea that there is a hero or something unusual inside every ordinary human being is not a new thing, but the way they showcase it in the first commercial is absolutely brilliant. I like that they filmed it like a reality show, although probably a fake one, I still found myself get excited to watch how those people overcome all the troubles and get to the destination. The interesting thing about this reality-show-like commercial is that there are many people questioning and doubting the authenticity of this video. For me, it’s really not a big deal but apparently the agency who made the commercial takes it quite seriously too so that they reveal their statistics and behind-the-scene stories, saying that during the whole shooting process, there were 70 people ran for the 007 fantasy. The debate between the serious audiences and the agency lasted for a while, which smartly increased the exposure of the agency and the campaign once again. I guess that’s some extra points for this kind of commercial.
    And the theme song of 007 was played here and there in the video to remind audience of the connection between James Bond and Zero Coke. Moreover, I do think the brand images of these two products fit into and even supplement each other. So I guess it should be considered as a good cooperation and a win-win situation

  3. chenshen says:

    I really like this new campaign of Coke which combined with the new episode of 007. It’s a win-win situation for both of them: the campaign helps to promote the movie and spread the words in public; the movie also helps to shape the brand image of Coke Zero – young, fun and passionate. The campaigns successfully combined movie elements with the brand Coke-zero and inserted a lot of cinematic techniques which are usually used in the movie of 007 such as the tempos and story telling to attract public attentions.

    The first two videos are more attractive than the third one as I think although all of them are connected with the movie. The reason is the first two use story-telling to show the audience that everyone in his or her real life can be the agent 007. Plus, the target customers can join the campaign or experience the similar scenes in the commercials. This makes the campaigns more interesting, unexpected, and catchier. The third one is a little vague for branding coke-zero although the screen shots look very beautiful. It doesn’t connect the brand with the movie very well.

    • jianshan says:

      Yes I agree with you. The third one is from last year for the previous episode of the James Bond series:)

  4. June Xue says:

    Thanks for sharing this series of fantastic campaigns with us!

    The vending machine campaign is interesting but not a total novelty I think. It reminds me of the Pepsi chips vending machine campaign, which is also quite effective when implemented. When customers try to purchase a bag of Pepsi chips, they will get a task to complete so that they could get the chips for free. The task is not as complicated as the 90-second-cross-the-station mission, but the missions are at different levels in terms of difficulty and it requires the customers to do things that might be more challenging in another way.

    The first level might be for the customers to push a button for 30 times. The misson at the next level asks the customers to do 30 seconds of StrDance in front of the vending machine. All the missions are hilarious anyways and will attract a lot of passers-by’s attention.

    However, I do like the James Bond & Zero Coke campaign better because it has successfully combined two brands together. One last thing to say is honestly I’ve never dreamt of being a secret agent my self and being his girlfriend probably sounds more appealing to most girls!:)

  5. mengying says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting campaign for us. I saw the movie several days ago. Although I am a little bit disappointed with the film, I like the campaign idea very much.

    Applying what worked in more traditional mediums alone does not take advantage of how the audience interacts with new creative digital platforms nowadays. The marketing communication today requires more Indeed, the campaign is a great example of content marketing strategy, which means brands need to involve customers in the content creation process when they create commercials or Ads. Brands that have made a decision to create an engaging campaign , then they’ve committed to developing entertainment which is a different breed from traditional 15- and 30-second spots.

    There are many other cases of content marketing strategy. Samsung, for example, made a commercial that used comments from Twitter about the new iPhone’s features, which received 32 million hits in two weeks.

  6. pamme says:

    These ads were seriously amazing. It’s fun to watch, share and talk about. It is truly an integration between entertainment and advertising.

    Does it boost sales for both Skyfall and Coke? I think it does and I believe a consumer product such as Coke really needs to constantly remind their customers of their product. Skyfall is a good match because not only Skyfall is a global film therefore it can attracts global market people also associate watching movie with drinking soda and eating popcorns. So when audiences are going to watch Skyfall they certainly would order Coke if they want a drink.

  7. mtsang says:

    The “Unlock the 007 in You’ Campaign is seriously entertaining, and just awesome!

    So far I’ve seen several ads for products that sponsor Skyfall. From Heineken to Sony, even though all of these ads probably paid more to feature Daniel Craig, the current James Bond in their commercial, none of them were even half as sticky. ( You can watch the other ads here:

    On another note, I remember Coke Zero had also done a campaign for Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol right before the movie’s release. I feel that both the James Bond and Mission Impossible francises are very similar, so I was surprised when both production companies would allow Coke Zero to sponsor their films. However, after some thought, I think its most likely that European Coke Zero team sponsored SkyFall, and the U.S. Coke Zero team sponsored Ghost Protocol – appealing to a wider range of audiences, while both movies align perfectly with Coke Zero’s tagline of ‘Anything is Possible’.

    It just reminds us on how great local marketing campaigns can now be shared so easily through the Internet to reach a global scale.

    • jianshan says:

      Actually I was also kind of confused why this commercial was shot in Europe and there seemed no such thing here for the U.S. release. But it definitely makes more sense after you brought up the Mission Impossible deal. Thanks so much for the clarification and the other video ads. Yes the Internet surely has blurred the boundaries and made stuff go global more easily.

  8. Ziwei Guo says:

    Jian Shan, Thanks for sharing this creative campaign. This is one of the most novel advertising campaigns I have ever seen. To tell you the truth, I was also planning to write this during my blog week. But I finally decided to do the Obama’s campaign because of the perfect timing.

    I enjoyed the three videos you share here. Although they are all advertisements of the partnership between Coke Zero and the 007 series, showing the common features of both products, which I guess are passion, challenge and humor, they are different from each other in terms of the style.

    I prefer the first two to the third one. As you have already indicated that the third one is kind of abstract, but the visual effect is really amazing. In terms of the first two advertising videos, I think the first one is much more successful for the following reasons.

    Firstly, what the video presents is similar to a reality show. It is ordinary people insteady of professional actors that conducting those missions impossible. When wathching the advertisement, audience may show more passion to the action the ordinary people in the advertising make. I think the first one draws even more attention from audience than the second one.

    Secondly, the first video costs far less than the second one. In the second video, action or post effect production may have cost Coca Cola huge amount of money. However, I believe that the first video is far cheaper as they don’t have to do the post effect things or pay for the cost of damages, all they need are just people who want to be ‘James Bond’ and actors who make troubles.

    Thirdly, this video may certainly arouse prople’s interest to get involved in this campaign. Who doesn’t want to be ‘James Bond’ or see ordinary people around us being ‘James Bond’? After watching this video, I wished I could be in Belgium, walked into the train station and witnessed the birth of the next generation of ‘James Bond’.

  9. zhaoyunw says:

    Thank you for sharing this interesting campaign with us.

    I really like this campaign. It perfectly combined the Coke Zero with the new 007 serious. The tagline of Coke Zero-“Make it possible”-exactly shows the spirit of 007. The brilliant part of this campaign video is that audiences would treat it as a fun and interesting event, instead of a stagy ads for Coke Zero. Furthermore, the campaign is really sticky. The content is creative, simple and vivid. Even I can feel the excitement to join this campaign when watching the video.

    I first watched this video on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter). It has been a viral on the platform and many people retweet it. So it is successful to start the discussion on the social media. It would influence more people in a long run.

  10. tumacder says:

    Thanks for the interesting post. I really like this campaign too! Back when I was working, our team was always trying to figure out ways to make interesting campaigns that reflects the personality of the brand yet conveys the major benefits of the product. Coke and 007 really seems to have used a great ad agency to create this campaign!

    Looking at this video, it always seems to be entertaining to involve action and suspense in marketing campaigns. Although the audience knows that the campaign isn’t real, they still feel engaged and are eager to see what happens at the end. It’s the same effect as watching a thriller movie. But I guess it would all differ on the type of product a company sells. Coke is a fun brand, and involving a storyline like this would really represent the image of the company. I wonder if such a campaign would work on tech companies, since they sometimes do resemble “entertainment.”

    Thanks again for the post. I feel like drinking Coke right now!