Are you proud to be a Trojan?

With the word “pride” in this post, I am not specifically speaking of the LGBT pride movement, I am using the word in a more general sense.

We push out all sorts of emotional appeal in branding and advertising, from humor to sadness.  Those sort of emotions are easier to execute.  What is harder to do and what I believe USC and a lot of other universities has done an excellent job of in its integrated marketing communications plan is to instill the sense of pride.

But just think about it. What was the reason you chose to attend USC?  Besides it’s academic rankings, what was so special about the school that would make you pay such a high tuition and take out all those loans?  If you ask most people, it is the sense of the “Trojan Family” and the pride that comes along with being referred to as a Trojan.  So how does one bottle pride?

1/4 cup of the Trojan Marching Band

1/4 cup SC Football

1/4 cup Top Research University with Transformative Faculty

1/4 cup Stellar Students and Alumni!

Congratulations to those graduating this semester!  Fight on!

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