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Tourism Fail

What do you think when you hear “Rhode Island”? Do you think of quaint New England towns, maybe of waves upon a rocky beach? Do you think of anything at all? If you’re in the latter group, the Rhode Island … Continue reading

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After Focusing on “Real Women,” Now “Real Men”? Dove’s “Men+Care” Campaign

In the Dove case study (Deighton, 2008), we learned why its “Campaign for Real Beauty” became arguably one of the most talked-about and successful integrated marketing campaigns in the last decade. Not only did it break new ground (such as … Continue reading

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We’ve spent most of this course talking about massive corporations and their giant campaigns designed to take over the universe.  Outside of a couple of Commercial Kings episodes, though, there’s been very little discussion on the power of local advertising. … Continue reading

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We are all going to die.

Friends, I fear death.  I’m not going to dance around it, ok?  If I was given the choice between dying at some point and living forever, I’d most likely choose the latter.  Granted, most of that choice is motivated by … Continue reading

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Bracket Busting is Big Business: Integrated Marketing and the Big Dance

It’s tourney time! Since 1939 (Bachman, 2012) when 8 teams battled for the top spot, Division I men’s basketball has dominated springtime sports and the hearts of millions of Americans as now, 68 teams battle single-elimination in search of their … Continue reading

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SXSW Talks Location-based Marketing: “Checking-in” is Cool Again

Checking-in is no longer the social suicide forced upon us by our worrisome moms and dads wanting to track our every location to make sure we were “out of harm’s way”. Thanks to the proliferation of location-based marketing platforms, checking-in … Continue reading

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