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Frank Rivera is a current graduate school student in USC's online Master of Communication program. Mr Rivera is a speaking coach, Expert Trade Compliance Officer, Course Developer and Instructor for the Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs & Border Protection.

Pitching with Force! – by Frank Rivera

As a course developer and instructor you witness many styles of delivery when it comes to teaching and instruction. You have your cutters, forks, curves, you get it. The cutters always walk up with a joke, they begin with the … Continue reading

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Start, Relief, Close…Handle those Throws: Anatomy of a Closer and Anchor

It was always the most thrilling part of the game. End of the eighth inning, you see him in the bullpen, the long lanky relief pitcher. He had a forward flowing whirlwind throw and his form was funny. Deadly accurate, … Continue reading

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FaceBook changes the rules, again. To which I say “good!”

Any posts generated by a brand that appear to look too much like an advertisement will now have their reach restricted by Facebook (Peterson, 2014). The company announced this change last week, but it has not created any panic among … Continue reading

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Do you want to hear a story or help create a story?

David Bertowitz recently wrote an article in Advertising Age that raises the question: Are the storytelling ways of marketers coming to an end in favor of becoming a “story maker”? My answer: no. I don’t believe that storytelling is coming … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Lilly Pulitzer

“It all started 50ish years ago with a simple shift dress in Palm Beach, Florida” (Herald Online, 2013). Well, not quite… It actually started 80ish years ago when Lillian McKim was born in Farmington, Connecticut. And what a beginning it … Continue reading

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And the Oscar nomination goes to…

The 2013 awards show season has been perhaps the most hotly discussed and debated one ever. The biggest buzz: why was Ben Affleck, director of best picture nominee “Argo,” passed over for an Oscar nomination for best director when he … Continue reading

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