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Situational Analysis: Branding drones

While watching TV recently I was surprised to see that an Audi commercial (The drones. YouTube.) featured a driver using the car’s backup camera to escape from drones. I was surprised for two reasons. First, I am secretly scared of … Continue reading

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Predictions in Mobile Marketing for 2014

We are now into the final month of 2013 and it has been a banner year for Internet marketing. According to Nielsen figures, there is over 60% of smartphone penetration in the states, with one out of three people owning … Continue reading

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Google’s race for relevance: How does it affect content marketers?

It has become a natural routine for people to google on questions and information. Just by typing a few words, Google could deliver search results by matching webpages that have keywords similar to what I typed. However, we still have … Continue reading

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