Predictions in Mobile Marketing for 2014

We are now into the final month of 2013 and it has been a banner year for Internet marketing. According to Nielsen figures, there is over 60% of smartphone penetration in the states, with one out of three people owning tablets at home. With this increasing penetration, people working in marketing for any business will need to rethink their mobile marketing strategy. I have researched and analyzed the market and would like to share with you some trend predictions for 2014.

Real time bidding growth surge

RTB allows advertisers to buy ad space on a person-by-person basis. Picture retrieved from

In 2013 mobile real-time bidding was bought by twitter and went mainstream. Real time bidding is a new method of of selling and buying online advertising in real time and has become the fastest growing digital ad segment. You can look for this trend to continue far into 2014 with at least 45% of the mobile ad buys for the year going through RTB. This growth spurt is due in part to mini PC ad buyers finally coming on board with the RTB model and continued growth in the mobile market. Mobile real-time bidding gives buyers that are transparency and higher monetization for sellers. Marketers definitely need to adapt to this new model as soon as possible in order to execute better digital strategies and increase advertising exposure.

Mobile first approach for web properties

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Nowadays, we spend more than half of the time opening webpages and applications on our mobiles. According to eMarketer, 71% of the U.S. smartphone users check their email with their mobiles. In 2014, with more and more people having access to smartphones, increasing amounts of emails and websites will be opened on mobiles, changing from a PC channel to a mobile focused channel. To successfully market products and services, it is expected for marketers to focus and prioritize mobile optimization for all web properties. Better technology and optimization will provide a better experience for direct sales and advertisements.

Twitter will increase accessibility to third party clients

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According to comScore, over 90% of the time what are will be access not from a laptop or PC but from a mobile device. Presently there are very few third-party Twitter clients that apps that will support a twitter based ad. The use of twitter will continue to grow exponentially and third-party clients are going to be improving their applications so as to take advantage of this new avenue of traffic. Twitter clients like the twitterrific desktop version, tweet lines, twidere and tweetbot do not support Twitter at this time. The prediction for 2014 is that all of them will climb on board.


Sense 2013 saw a marked increase in the sale of mobile devices, this translate to an increased number of people that will access the Internet and all of its social media avenues from these devices. In order for businesses to get a significant return on their investment than 2014 they will have to gear their marketing efforts toward mobile applications. Internet marketing is entering into a new age and if businessman of going to keep up they will have to meet their prospective clients where the they live.

Do you see any other trends that might emerge? Please comment and share your foresights and ideas!



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One Response to Predictions in Mobile Marketing for 2014

  1. Siyu says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve also been reading analysis on how smart phones and tables are becoming the new platform for marketing (esp. social media marketing). The trend indicates that APPs and social media marketing have increased significance.