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Blue 42, Blue 42 … Tweet-Tweet!

No longer do you need to have cable to watch Thursday Night Football, just a Twitter account!  This past week, the NFL made a deal with Twitter to live stream Thursday Night Football games on the social platform. “Re/Code’s Peter … Continue reading

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Facebook’s new emoji’s will have you feeling all sorts of ways

We’ve all been there, scrolling on your Facebook newsfeed and your friend posts about losing a loved one.  Do you “like” it?  Or do you just leave it because you don’t actually “like” it since who actually likes it when … Continue reading

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The Interactive Consumer

In recent years, consumers have intensified the position of social media platforms in advertisement campaigns. As a result, Television networks have begun to ardently incorporate social media as a means to integrate consumers into the media mix. Think about the … Continue reading

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The Power of Business Blogging

Social Media provides a large market of opportunity for business owners, stemming from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. However, there is one platform that until recently has received the shaft; blogging. Social Media is comprised of a … Continue reading

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Heat in the Driver’s Seat -Ford Apologizes for Tasteless Ads

Ford made headlines recently, but not in the most positive light.  The car manufacturer received some bad press and criticism for a series of ads that were seen as offensive and violent against women.  The ad campaign was created by J. … Continue reading

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The Legal Risks of Branding on Social Media

Generation Y consumers, myself included, experienced the birth of social media right before their eyes.  This online medium has changed the way brands interact with their customers, but it has also raised flags for marketers about the legal implications behind … Continue reading

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