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What a Kim Kardashian Selfie Teaches Us About Social Media and Beauty Standards

The other day, while scrolling through Instagram, I came across a photo of Kim Kardashian.   Beautiful, right?  That’s pretty undeniable. However, if you ask me, it seems a bit unrealistic. There’s not ONE flaw to be found in this picture. … Continue reading

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How Marketers Can Win Over Generation Z’s 8-Second Attention Span

Marketers have spent the last few years trying and trying to get into the minds of Millennials aka The World Wide Web generation. Just when they thought they had everything figured out, Generation Z showed up on the scene and presented a new problem. … Continue reading

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Disney’s Magic Bands: Brilliant or Marketing Miss?

As a marketer, I’m fascinated by the conversations taking place around big data, analytics, personalized experiences…and privacy. Since I first heard about the Disney Magic Band project, I’ve been anxiously watching from afar. This is an initiative that is so … Continue reading

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Mobile App May Be a History; Mobile Internet Is the Future

The growth in Web-enabled mobile phone usage is revolutionizing the way we use the Internet. The reason of dramatically increasing mobile internet usage can be attributed to the prevailing of  iPhone and Android devices in the consumer market and the BlackBerry in the enterprise space. According … Continue reading

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Oscar-Night, Also JCPenney-Night

During the Oscar-night, we saw JCPenney’s new brand logo appear throughout Academy Awards programming in 30-second commercials highlighting key brands  Liz Claiborne, MNG by Mango, People StyleWatch and Cindy Crawfored Style.  LCPenney worked with AOR Saatchi & Saatchi on its spring … Continue reading

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