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Marketing Communications Plan: Every Strategy is not for Every Brand

In the business world, leaders model their business plans after other successful competitors. For example: McDonald’s vs Burger King, Neiman Marcus vs Saks Fifth Avenue and Kmart vs Walmart. If a company appears to be the market leader in a … Continue reading

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What Happened To The Black History Month Celebrations?

For as long as I can remember Black History Month was celebrated in the United States in an educational environment as well as by major consumer brands and media outlets on television and radio. During the late 90’s and early … Continue reading

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Google Docs or Microsoft Office?

The winner is….. Yes, you may have guessed it already; it is Google. Google Apps have already become the preferred choice over Microsoft for small businesses and is in a heated race to win over companies with over 1,000 employees (Eyal, … Continue reading

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Beware: Red Bull does NOT give you wings!

Red Bull would send you either a $10 check or $15 worth of its products if you purchased one can of Red Bull energy drink in the past twelve years. No proof of purchase necessary. A few plaintiffs in New … Continue reading

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Ready for a Chromebook? It’s for everyone!

Although Apple has been generating a lot of buzz by introducing its iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4, these products seem to be less of a legend now than their precursors in their good old days. Even the Apple … Continue reading

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Sometimes It Sells When You Quit Talking

Alfred Hitchcock was one of the most eminent thriller directors of Hollywood. The way he produced suspense in his movies has been replicated repeatedly by following generations of his counterparts. But he also acted. As a matter of fact, he … Continue reading

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