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#Bendgate: Marketing Opportunities Seized by KitKat

After customers complained that the newly-released iPhone 6 Plus could bent unexpectedly, lots of brands, not only Apple’s smartphone rivals, have taken to mock the so-called “bendgate” using the hashtag function on Twitter.   “Curved. Not Bent.” Samsung wrote on … Continue reading

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Ready for a Chromebook? It’s for everyone!

Although Apple has been generating a lot of buzz by introducing its iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4, these products seem to be less of a legend now than their precursors in their good old days. Even the Apple … Continue reading

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Give it a tap: NFC and the new era in digital marketing

You are not alone if you haven’t heard of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology or never realized that you’ve probably already used a form of it whether through a digital wallet, FastTrak pass to zip through a toll bridge, or paid for gas with an easy swipe. NFC uses RFID or a short length wireless radio frequency to send snippets of data to a receiver. Once touted by mobile device makers as the breakthrough technology for the mobile wallet system, it is now being leveraged by digital marketers to push content in very powerful and convenient ways. Continue reading

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Being more Transparent might make your Business Invisible

Of course the title is a joke, but the goal is to be more transparent with customers, right?  Well, what better way than to let your customers visit your entire location 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  No, I’m not … Continue reading

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Taking Brand Messaging to a whole other world.

FaceBooks recent IPO debacle, in contrast to Google’s more stellar public release, does not diminish the company’s intrinsic value. Its true value stems from its biggest asset, its more than 800 million registered users worldwide. Essentially it has become the … Continue reading

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Making Marketing Mobile

Another significant shift is beginning to occur in how consumers utilize the interactive space.  The growth of ownership and usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is beginning to affect user behavioral patterns and interactions with online content.  … Continue reading

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April Fools Day: An Innocent Joke or an Opportunistic Marketing Communication Strategy?

Once a year the public have become accustomed to an inundation of bogus stories circulating through popular press outlets. April Fool’s Day offers an opportunity for journalists to distribute wacky and farfetched content in the hope that they can hoodwink … Continue reading

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