Ready for a Chromebook? It’s for everyone!

Although Apple has been generating a lot of buzz by introducing its iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4, these products seem to be less of a legend now than their precursors in their good old days. Even the Apple zealots around me could cavil a little bit and find something wrong about them.

I have to admit that I’ve never been an Apple fan. The three Apple products I’ve owned are iPod classic, MacBook Air and an iPhone. And that’s it. Always trying to avoid becoming a fan of something popular to the majority, I am kind of a weirdo. But this weirdo, on the other hand, could be calm and pay attention to other things. For instance, when I take my attention away from all the glorious victory Apple has ever achieved, I find a lot of other great campaigns and new ideas which might be another Apple in the future. Sorry I have to use “Apple” to indicate the greatness because Apple has truly been a legend whether it will continue its success or blow it anyways.

The new idea I just talked about is about Chromebook. First attracted by its “Chromebook: For Everyone” commercial, I started to look into the whole Chromebook campaign. The campaign has never succeeded in hitting the headlines of almost all the major media like Apple did, but I found it really refreshing and….it’s just so much potential there!

The “Chromebook: For Everyone” commercial could be viewed below and I think it’s totally worth every second watching it.

Video: “Chromebook: For Everyone”

Isn’t this neat? Accompanied by the upbeat music, scenes after scenes appeared showing people in different scenarios with big colorful words superimposed. Without seeing Chromebook a lot, the audience could see how “everyone” could enjoy using Chromebook in a variety of situations, echoing “For Everyone”. The scenes of “real families”, “work at home”, and others are so hilarious and sweet, successfully delivering the idea of the ease and convenience Chromebook could bring to its users. I love this ad.

Then I wondered what its product intro would be like? Even though this “For Everyone” ad is so fun and cheerful, there must be a more informative one offering knowledge of the new-concept product. So I went to youtube and found this one.

Chromebook Intro Video

It’s not super creative, but let’s just say, it blows my mind. What does “nothing but the web” mean when it concerns a laptop? A disaster, I guess. But in this video, Chromebook has demonstrated how “nothing but the web” could generate even more benefits than a PC or a Mac could bring us. It’s also got few viruses, because it’s not a PC; it has unlimited storage space and you will never lose anything on it, because it’s not a normal PC or an innovative Mac at all! Using simple and neat graphics and words, this Chromebook introduction is truly gripping and makes its audience think.

Isn’t this a genius idea digging into a big niche market? Or maybe this could start such a trend that it could subvert all the conventional PC or Mac using habits in the future and create a brand new using experience? Besides, I love the way this video shows constantly changing but easy-to-recognize graphics so that audiences’ will be attracted and pay attention the whole time. This way, the whole introduction is more like a conversation between the audience and the Chromebook, which makes me readily understand and feel very personal.

Back to Chromebook’s overall campaign, I find it also interesting that Google mentioned, of course, Chromebook on its official blog.

Go to Chromebook Intro on Official Google Website

Written from a personal perspective, this blog is informative and provocative, except the “Starting today, the new Samsung Chromebook is available for pre-order online from Amazon, Best Buy, PC World and other retailers” part, which is somewhat too straightforward and lame.

But generally I like the idea of Chromebook and especially its concept of “For Everyone” and “nothing but the web”. It’s also great that even though there seems to be two taglines, they do not conflict and thus wane in significance; instead, they have emphasized the emotional side (it’s for you and me and everyone!) and the technological innovation side (nothing but the web, what a weird but exceptional idea!). Are you ready for the era of Chromebook and the Chrome OS system? A lot of us are not. But what about the future? Let’s just wait and see.

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4 Responses to Ready for a Chromebook? It’s for everyone!

  1. Tansy Tang says:

    I am intrigued by the commercial too; I like the humorous and emotional elements. But simply from the commercial and the introduction, I still don’t quite understand how it is different from other laptops? So I did a little digging and finally understand that the Chromebook is actually a netbook developed by Google, Acer and Samsung. According to the official Chrome website, under “how is it different” column, I found the following statement “Looks like a laptop, feels like a laptop but Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome OS, an operating system that has multiple layers of security, cloud storage, and the most popular Google products built-in.” so generally speaking, the idea is not so creative, it’s just a netbook carrying Chrome system and backed up by Google. And a netbook for me is a tablet with keyboard.
    But the Chromebook does have price advantage since its current price is $249 while an Ipad by Apple and the Surface by Microsoft both sell for at least $499. And it seems to me that a Chromebook does most of things that these two products do. So Chromebook could be an attractive option as a portable internet access tool.

    • June Xue says:

      Thanks for your insights and sharing Tansy! Yes, Chromebook sounds groundbreaking to me when I understand how it works and why Google claims “nothing but the web”. I have to say I chose Chromebook as my subject mainly because I admire Google more than other icon brands such as Apple, Microsoft, etc.
      However, I do feel a little bit confused that some could not get the full idea of Chromebook after watching the Chromebook intro video because to me it explains deeply and thoroughly in a very intriguing way. The “nothing but the web” idea was effectively demonstrated as well. But since some of us still failed to get the idea of why this Chromebook could be distinguished from other laptops, I guess Google needs to improve it somewhat in the future!

      Thanks again for your input and sharing!

  2. saijiali says:

    Thank you for the post June,
    There were lots of interesting insights that I didn’t know of.
    Generally speaking I think the Google Chrome book is an interesting product in the current market. However, as non-technology fan, I didn’t know that Google was coming out with this chrome book. Which means the marketing strategy was not really effective. The advertisement was entertaining and engaging, but somehow I feel that the video is pretty amateur. Plus, it didn’t introduce any of the features that the chrome book has.
    I think Google should come up with a series of ads that fully introduce the functions of this chromebook. Because from what they did so far, I don’t think I am convinced to purchase.
    Anyway, thank you for the informative post again June.
    Have a nice day.

    • June Xue says:

      Thanks for the comments!:)
      To answer a few of your questions, first, I think the non-professional feel is the very thing the “Everyone” video tried to deliver. There are also a lot people who like this amateurish touch a lot and find this product fairly foolproof. I understand this approach might not appeal to all audience but I think Google is pitching to its target audience by producing this video.
      Second, I am not a tech fan, either. Not at all. But the other video, rather than the “It’s for everyone” commercial, the “Chromebook Intro” video has done a wonderful job introducing the most fantastic features Chromebook will carry. I’ m not sure whether you’ve accessed that video through the link provided in this blog, but I think this intro is very neat and illuminating!
      Thank you for your comments again! They’ve been very helpful and greatly appreciated!