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Influencers Have the Power to Make Brands Matter in Culture

If you were to ask a group of U.S. teenagers who their favorite celebrities are, you’d be surprised, especially if you work for a brand who’s looking to stay relevant in the eyes of these teens. You wouldn’t hear the … Continue reading

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Catch Us If You Can: Brands Shift Their Marketing Tactics for Gen Z

Just when marketers thought they had a grasp on how Millennials talk, shop, and what their social habits are (Instagram/Snpachat/Periscope), Generation Z has officially arrived (defined as born during the mid to late 1990s-present) and they are making the job … Continue reading

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‘People you travel with’ – a ’12 marketing pitch. Malaysia Airlines

The ancient adage goes “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.” I looked into the marketing strategies of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) over the past two weeks. This month’s tragedy, regardless of location and status of MAS … Continue reading

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Pray for Japan and take a look of the related scare buying

Although we are still in the spring break, I think people have idea what is happening in the world. The biggest thing that every country pays attention to is the earth quake, tsunami, and the most dangerous nuclear plant jeopardy … Continue reading

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Verizon iPhone breaks the sales record

  Before, if people want to use iPhone, they can only choose AT&T. But The rate of  AT&T is very high, and people are not satisfied with  AT&T. However, Verizon began to pre-order Verizon iPhone. On the first day of pre-order, Verizon sold … Continue reading

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