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The “Canada Goose Phenomenon”

This Spring break, when I was in Fairbanks, Alaska for northern lights, I was surprised that more than half of the Chinese travelers there were wearing the same kind of jackets—the parka jacket with fluffy fur hood and a striking circular … Continue reading

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Fictional Character Endorsement

If you had been to any big malls recently and were some sort of a fashion conscious person, you must have noticed that “weird” campaign poster outside every Louis Vuitton stores. Right, it is a video game character holding that … Continue reading

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“California Soul,” (1967, 1970), Reinterpreted for Dodge Ram

The recent Dodge Ram “California Soul,” advertisement is an excellent example of how glamour can be used to sell even a rough-tough pick-up truck. A woman croons, “Like a sound you hear/That lingers in your ear/But you can’t forget from … Continue reading

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Feminism and Integrated Marketing: When Poise and Power Meet in the Public Marketplace of Ideas

(Source: Google Images) (Source: Twitter) Celebrities Emma Watson and Beyonce sparked public dialogue, recently, with references to feminism. For example, last month (August), Bey performed at the MTV Video Music Awards with the giant term FEMINIST projected onto the backdrop … Continue reading

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Dynamic Content Duo = the future of Marketing + Big Data

Even though the digital revolution is well into its second decade, the ongoing ripple effects are no less impactful than the days when websites were the new kid on the block. Of course, as all of us at USC Annenberg … Continue reading

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Rebrand “marketing”?

Last summer, Harvard Business Review (HBR) declared that marketing is dead (Lee, 2012, para. 1). In the fall, Adobe (2012) commissioned a study that concluded digital marketing is failing consumers (para. 1). IBM (2013), however, sets the record straight: marketing … Continue reading

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