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Brand Storytelling… “A brand is a story that is always being told.” –Scott Bedbury

Earlier this week, I attended the U.S. Navy’s 2015 Public Affairs Symposium in Leesburg, VA at the National Conference Center. I am a Navy Public Affairs Officer currently serving on USS America (LHA 6) homeported in San Diego, CA. This … Continue reading

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Marketing Feminism

“Fury Road is sure to set the bar high for what can be done with a jolt of estrogen in the testosterone universe of blockbusters” (Howell, 2015) Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Trailer: Last weekend I saw the movie … Continue reading

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iTunes Festival: Apple’s Superfecta!

One of the best things happened this week – the first US iTunes Festival took place at SXSW in Austin, Texas! While I couldn’t be there and while it isn’t as great as the original, London-based iTunes which offers 30 … Continue reading

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IBM Augments Consumer Reality

For years, marketers have tried marrying the shopping experience with technology using tools such as QR codes and barcodes. However, this trend has yet to gain traction. But IBM wants to make this fusion of technology and consumer experience a … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate, Collaborate – Random Collision Theory

It was last week when I walked into my director’s office and noticed something odd: The lady sitting at my director’s desk was not my director! In fact, it was someone from an entirely different department. I work in the … Continue reading

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