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Breaking the Fourth Wall in Marketing: Necessary for Success?

When it comes to current marketing strategies, social media pops up a lot. In fact, if your company is not on the band wagon yet then you may be considered behind the times and need to remedy this ASAP (Flaxington, … Continue reading

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Pinning Away Our Paycheck

I love Pinterest. I am a fan of most social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat…but Pinterest has become quickly a favorite of mine. I can make virtual boards of future dinners/desserts, outfit ideas, fitness routines, favorite celebrities…it’s amazing! … Continue reading

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Scream it: Outdoor Still Works

In recent months, I have become very aware of outdoor ads. They are everywhere and it is pretty easy to tune them out. In Los Angeles, there are so many of them, it takes a really clever one to catch … Continue reading

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The Dark Night Rises Faces Marketing Crisis after Colorado Tragedy

Credit: I, like millions of other people across America, was absolutely shocked when I woke up this morning to email news alerts about the shooting in Colorado at a midnight showing of one of the summer’s most anticipated flicks: … Continue reading

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Don’t bug me, I’m pinning.

Pinterest is one of my favorite websites. And not just because when I discovered it last fall, I was a busy grad student trying to decorate my new home and plan a wedding. I like it because it’s such a … Continue reading

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