For most people, their off days consist of running errands, cleaning, and catching up on other activities that have fallen through the cracks of a busy work week. Yes, that includes binge watching Netflix. However, for Mark Bustos his job is never done. Mark is a hairstylist at Three Squares Studio in New York City. Three squares studio caters to clients such as Brian Atwood, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, and Naomi Campbell.


Fueled by his passion, Mark spends his off days walking the streets looking for somebody to be awesome to. On his off days, Mark trades in his designer clothes for a more casual look and walks the streets of New York.

Picture3 Picture4A few of Mark’s street cuts include Apache, Kevin, and Marcus. Do any of those names ring a bell? Of course not! Yet, they are some of Mark’s richest clients. Perhaps, you are not familiar with them because their wealth does not exist in monetary form. Their riches are in the form of wisdom, honesty, and life experiences. Apache, Kevin, and Marcus are a few of the homeless people that Mark has been awesome to.


“Be more aware and just be more compassionate to fellow human beings all around us.” Mark Bustos

For years Mark has been restoring the hope in humanity by providing the homeless with hair cuts, confidence, and hope. He has learned through experience that how you approach them is very important. “It is important to be genuine and compassionate.” Mark’s Instagram is a collage of awesomeness and inspiration. The awareness of his hashtag #BeAwsomeToSomebody has expanded from Instagram to Facebook, YouTube, ABC News, and traditional print. It is refreshing to watch such a positive movement expand from the superficiality of social networks to the depths of society. As you continue to carry out your daily tasks, don’t forget to be awesome to somebody!





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9 Responses to #BeAwesomeToSomebody

  1. Eric says:


    It’s always great when someone can combine their work, passion, and acts of kindness into a singular brand entity. By simply being himself and showing compassion to people of all walks of life, Mark Bustos evidently created a movement out of positivity alone. In today’s world, this is the kind of news that reminds us that humanity is still worth believing in. Furthermore, social media is the perfect outlet for motivational and kind posts to spread like wildfire. Bustos’ story is the perfect blend of professionalism and good will that will compel anyone with a heart and/or interest in hairstyling to keep scrolling through his feed.

  2. Derrick says:

    This was really interesting to read through, I appreciate your efforts here. I agree with Eric’s comments, its really cool to see people put their love and passion into their work. I am always amazed to hear of how people can take what is important to them, make a difference and be successful in the field they choose to work in. I also appreciate you mentioning how experience really got Mark where he is today. Really cool read, thanks Nicole!


  3. Anat says:

    Hi Nicole,
    Social awareness campaigns seem to spring from just about anywhere these days and no longer require the big budget advertising companies to start them up. Great idea for your blog topic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amira says:

    Hi Nicole,
    This was a great read about such an uplifting topic! I’ve noticed an increasing trend with social awareness campaigns leveraging social media, and in today’s day and age, this approach makes the most sense. As you mention, this positive movement is certainly inspiring, making almost anyone reconsider how they are spending their time off. Great post, Nicole!

  5. huanlin says:

    I like the story a lot. It is really good to learn such a meaningful action. Also, it made me realize how powerful social media could be. Activities could be known and spread easily through social media, and I believe many people would be encouraged by these kinds of meaningful movements. I wish that I could see more inspiring and exciting hashtags or activities on social media. Thank you for sharing this story.

  6. Karen says:

    What I particularly like about #BeAwesomeToSomebody is that it doesn’t define what ‘awesome’ means. Mark is able to give an awesome experience to someone through his skills as a hairstylists, but to someone else, their awesomeness might lie in lending an ear to someone in need, volunteering at a charity event that is dear to their heart, or helping someone pick up something that they dropped.

    Something that is also great about this is the number of followers Mark has on his Instagram and the number of times his videos have been watched. The impact and ability for something like this to go viral is crazy given that there is no marketing budget attached to it.

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi Nicole!

    This was such a great read! Thank you for sharing Mark’s story. It is easy to see why Mark has gotten to where he is; his professionalism and compassion speak volumes. Most importantly, the idea to “be awesome to somebody” is such a positive and encouraging movement. As you mentioned, social media is, often times, so negative and superficial, seeing people like Mark restores my faith in humanity. Although skeptics might disagree, Mark has shown that people really can use their skills to do good in the world. Giving back to the community and “being awesome” makes the world a better place. Truth be told, I was so happy to see Mark’s #BeAwesome movement has gotten so much attention and has sparked so much interest. As cliché as it might sound, this story warmed my heart.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lauren says:

    Hey Nicole,

    It’s really wonderful to see someone use smart marketing not just or monetary purposes, but for social currency and inspiring others to do good. I think many people hear about marketing and assume it all falls under one umbrella, but your post is proof that it can be used for good! Nice work.

  9. tshuai says:

    An interesting comment that I read regarding Mark giving haircuts to the homeless says, “if you make the homeless look so pretty and polished, how do they continue to beg for money and food. People wouldn’t give money to someone who has a super fancy haircut.” The comment is funny and somewhat true, but I argue otherwise. I think that, when you make someone see their true beauty, it could help them build self-confidence. In turn, they might be motivated to look for jobs and better lives.