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Over the years, social media has become a staple of integrated marketing. It has been utilized as a news outlet, social platform, and marketing medium. Social media has provided a unique platform for people to market themselves and their businesses. … Continue reading

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For most people, their off days consist of running errands, cleaning, and catching up on other activities that have fallen through the cracks of a busy work week. Yes, that includes binge watching Netflix. However, for Mark Bustos his job … Continue reading

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Make It Personal

No matter what industry you are in, social media and marketing are bed fellows here to stay.  At least into the foreseeable future!  Optimizing your posts can be a digital marketers toughest jobs.  With so many experts, guru’s, specialists out … Continue reading

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Calling All OfficeMax Elves

The holidays are just around the corner and a well-developed holiday marketing campaign can live forever.  In 2006 OfficeMax developed a campaign called Elf Yourself, which got almost 200 visits every second after its launch.  This success of the campaign … Continue reading

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Magazine covers turned into Windows 8 start screens!

If you have been watching any form of media in the U.S. lately, you would have most likely seen an ad displaying the Windows 8 live tile start screens. Whether it is a Surface tablet ad (which we watched in … Continue reading

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L’Oréal targets women through an unusual place: On Xbox Live

Some say it’s pointless; traditional girl gamers do not care about dressing up, let alone beauty regimes and make up. Others say it’s a smart way to tap into an untouched and potentially huge market. I say it’s just…surreal. At … Continue reading

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