Diet Coke- Stay Extraordinary

Recently, Coca-Cola Israel launched an fully integrated marketing campaign with the help from Gefen Team, Q Digital and HP Indigo for its sub-brand, Diet Coke. The campaign centered around the idea of “millions of one of a kind bottles.” Similar to Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign where it created 250 unique bottle labels that feature consumers’ names, Diet Coke’s campaign created 2 million unique bottle designs. The campaign is made possible though a unique algorithm that can generate millions of designs automatically. The uniqueness of each bottle highlights the idea that each Diet Coke lover is one-of-a-kind. In addition to bottle designs, the campaign also extends to billboard ads, point-of-sale, TV, partnership, and social media marketing communications.

The campaign is successful because it not only aligns with Coca-Cola’s core values, but it also captures the essence- “stay extraordinary”- to the brand. Its marketing communications also reflect the same idea as well. The campaign’s hundreds of billboard ads each features an unique bottle design, highlighting the value of each bottle. The campaign’s point-of-sale marketing provides a more engaging interaction with each customer; the field team provide the consumers’ with branded gifts that match their design. The campaign is also very clever in choosing a topic that easily sparks and generates earned media; owning an one-of-a-kind bottle encourages consumers to showcase their designs on social media. Despite all the strengths, the campaign has a major weakness: the idea of an one-of-a-kind bottle design has been used more than once in the past, making the idea not so unique after all. In addition, because the designs are computer generated, it is very likely that some consumers would receive very similar bottle design as someone else. Ultimately, the campaign is deemed successful because it increased sales, brand preference, and purchase intent.

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5 Responses to Diet Coke- Stay Extraordinary

  1. Xiaoxuan Fu says:

    Oh Coca-cola nailed it again! And thanks for sharing the video, Lin. It definitely shows how INTEGRATED the campaign is!

  2. Yuxing Chen says:

    There are two ideas that I like the most about this campaign.
    First is the personalized gift after purchasing. I think this is a brilliant way of turing the consumer into part of the campaign and they become the live billboard for the diet coke.
    Second is the way they cooperate with the talent show “the voice of America”. It didn’t show up as a regular sponsor, the unique diet coke bottle showed up every time when there is an extraordinary performance showed up. It perfectly matched the tagline of the campaign and made an unforgettable impression! And I think this is the perfect example of being consistent, not only in the style, but also in the context.


  3. Melissa P. says:

    I’ve always said that I am the perfect target audience for any kind of marketing campaign that involves pop culture. I am so fascinated by what marketers can come up with that I’m automatically in love with whatever new product or feature or service a company launches if it has a good, clean design with a touch of witty or cleverness. Even before I read your blog post, I saw the pretty Diet Coke bottles and I thought to myself: how on earth do I get my hand on one of those?

    Though you made a great point by saying that this uniqueness is not really unique because there has been so many campaigns similar, it doesn’t seem to get customers tired of it. I showed my friends this campaign and we all wish that these pretty bottles were available for us in the United States! I wonder if this has anything to do with the huge brand loyalty that Coca Cola products have…

  4. Graham says:

    Great post! This reminds me of the recent push to have customizable messages on bottles by one beverage company (I can’t recall which). It seemed really cool that someone could use these to make a message. The added functionality also brings a lot to the consumption experience. Given the way that beverages have become such a salient part of the cultural identity I imagine that further ways to make your beverage unique will serve those brands well. As more and more brands flock to embed themselves in our identity I have to wonder how much mindshare we really have to go around between them all.

  5. pchoksi says:

    Interesting idea. Good work. The idea was to make its every consumer feel unique. I see that Coca Cola has done something similar before where in it came out with different use of its bottle. The bottle look pretty but I question the objective of this campaign. Or maybe its just to offer a hint of surprise and smile to the customers?