Facial Recognition, Analytics, and the Future of Digital Signage

A data-driven approach is now mandatory for any legitimate marketing department; analytics allows practitioners to understand the effectiveness of an online digital marketing campaign. Today, technology companies like Intel and Panasonic are developing ways for marketing professionals to apply that same approach to other traditional marketing mediums.Digital signage is one medium that is going to see a lot of growth in the next 5-10 years. More and more, you will see static outdoor graphics replaced with digital screens allowing for more companies to advertise in high impression areas. Prior to a couple years ago, companies running outdoor campaigns were unable to get any reliable data on impressions or conversions, making it incredibly difficult to measure the efficacy of these campaigns — until now. New developments in technology are underway that will drastically affect the way we currently utilize digital signage.

Intel has recently dubbed their software, Anonymous Video Analytics. The goal is to give companies the ability to gather metrics on who is viewing their ads. Additionally, marketing teams are enabled the opportunity to customize content in real time for whoever is viewing the ad. For example: say you are the marketing manager for an apparel company, and you sell men’s and women’s clothing – you can have the ad adjust depending on the sex and age of the viewer. Add Panasonic’s technology, which has the capabilities to control thousands of screens from a centralized location. How is this possible? In a nutshell, the intelligence uses a face recognition sensor with processor performance. We are on the front step of one of the biggest marketing innovations since Google Ad Words!

Here are 5 benefits you can expect if your company adopts this technology:

  1. Marketers can have more precision when developing targeted campaigns.
  2. Executives or business owners can purchase outdoor media confidently due to a more refined advertising approach.
  3. Eliminates the elusiveness of whether consumers or target audiences are truly viewing the ad and converting to sales.
  4. Gather comprehensive metrics on the profiles of who is viewing your ad(s).
  5. Deliver integrated content via digital signage, ultimately enforcing brand power and loyalty.



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