How to Make Your Marketing Efforts go Viral!

Big brands spend millions of dollars on huge marketing efforts to create viral video content in hopes of reaching the masses, sell more products, and to spread positive brand recognition. Marketing executives research and spend countless hours on materials, production, and talent in hopes of creating the next big buzz. Most of the time the hopes for viral content diminishes because the campaign was not as successful as imagined. At times viral video content is spontaneous and unexpected. So the question is…. How do you make your marketing efforts go viral?

You may think that this is a simple question to answer, but there is no real guarantee that your company’s video will go viral in the first place. If content does go viral, there is a small window of time to maximize the target audience reach. In order to increase your chances in creating a viral video, the content must be well thought and capture the message of the product or brand.  It is important to set a goal. What is it that you want to accomplish? Is it awareness? Increase in revenue? At times too many marketing executives think too hard about making unique content that they overthink too much! Do not get hung up on only having one idea; more than one will help maximize the ability to have viral content. At times the simplest creative have received the most shares, likes, and gone viral.

Be prepared to spend money! Making a video or marketing content go viral is going to take a marking budget to help spread interest and to kick-start the promotions. The budget doesn’t have to be large and viral isn’t only meant for big brands. Even with a small budget, a viral video can spread especially with the help of social media.

Make sure that the video or content is telling a story and sometimes the best ideas come from the consumers themselves. Look at what people are saying about a brand on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You may be able to pull an idea just from reviewing comments.

Once the viral content is created make sure to share on as many social media sites as possible and track the commentary. What are individuals saying? Whether it is positive or negative, consumers are still speaking about the product. It is also helpful to engage in the conversation as well. This will assist in consumer retention and building a brand identity. It shows a human perspective behind the product.

While the viral content is being shared with the masses, start planning a follow-up to the viral concept. There is nothing wrong with a sequel in brand marketing! In fact, a secondary video will keep the brand conversation flowing. Take a look at major brands such as Axe, Old Spice, and Dove. Each of their famous viral marketing videos has had a follow-up.

If video or content does go viral, reach out to celebrities and other brands that can merry themselves into the viral content. They may want to sponsor or share in marketing dollars for future content.



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