Instagram Stories is a Year Old.

As of today, Instagram Stories is a year old. Stories is a feature on Instagram, similar to Snapchat, which allows followers to post pictures and videos taken within the last 24 hours or have live video sessions where followers can tune in. According to one AdWeek article “Stories was a way for users to get away from only posting highlights of their lives.” By incorporating this feature into the social media platform Instagram created a home for the everyday moments that some users may deem an impulse capture but not necessarily Instagram feed worthy.

Instagram stories can also be executed by brands looking to engage with their followers. For example, J.Crew used the Instagram’s Stories feature to launch GIFs and photos of exclusive pink sunglasses being sold to followers. There were only fifty pairs being sold and the short-lived nature of the social networking tool reinforced the hype behind the limited series launch.

Using the twenty-four hour social networking feature that captures over forty percent of millennial and generation-Z users on a daily basis, the J.Crew campaign for it’s pink sunglasses sold out in a day. The use of Stories created an immediate need to obtain an item that wouldn’t be available the next day. Though it was a very limited release, Stories was able to create a fear of missing out among loyal customers resulting in a sold out product.

General Instagram Statistics:

  • 700 Million+ people worldwide use Instagram every single month.
  • 400 Million+ people worldwide use Instagram every day.
  • Those under the age of 25 spend more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram.

Instagram Stories Statistics:

  • 250 Million+ Instagrammers use stories every day.
  • 80% of Instagrammers follow a business on Instagram.
  • Over 50% of businesses on Instagram produced an Instagram Story.
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5 Responses to Instagram Stories is a Year Old.

  1. Jim Tanner says:


    Great post on how Instagram (and specifically Instagram stories) can be used by organizations to engage with followers. I really liked the example of how J.Crew used the service to hype a one-day event and create buzz and excitement.

    Your post has given me an idea of some ways I can use this feature at my work. We are about to begin classes at the school where I work, and I’m thinking using Stories to capture the excitement of the first day will be a good way to engage with students and parents.

    Great post, and thanks for giving me the idea!
    Jim Tanner

  2. Araz says:


    Great topic! I can’t believe Instagram stories is one years old! Like your example, more and more brands have been utilizing this feature on Instagram. As an Instagram user, I can agree it’s fun browsing through quick tidbits of featured stories or products. It is definitely competing with Snapchat stories! Let’s see what the future holds…

    Araz Kuvakian

  3. Whitney says:

    I remember when Instagram stories first came out on the upgrade and many Instagram users (Instagrammers?) were comparing it to SnapChat. They both are similar with the 24 hour feed and then it disappears. But, SnapChat allows people to upload snaps and make stories from their camera roll, making the story less in the moment. I like SnapChat better because there is less pressure to post right away. It’s nice that story feature has stuck with Instagram for the last year and also the live option. I’m wondering which service is currently used more. Good post!

  4. Kimberly says:

    Wow I had no idea the stories feature was a year old! I have had instagram for several years now and only just started really using the stories feature when it was connected with Geo-tagging. I often like to know where a photo was taken so I can bookmark it on yelp or etc other future planning so that is where Instagram beats snapchat in my book. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Faith says:

    Has it really been a year already that Instagram Stories has been around? Time really does fly by….I might be getting it confused with IG live. Anyway, this was an insightful post on how businesses have taken advantage of the platform and concept to drive business. It makes sense to use this medium as a strategic direction to connect with audiences as Instagram continues to grow. I wonder how Snapchat feels about all of this?