Whose Trendy?

Hello Trojans,

I have learned many lessons critical to marketing success while in the MCM program. The research I have done in this program has proven organizations who either create or are closely connected to the latest trends tend to be successful. We have seen many examples of success for those who create marketing trends. Organizations such as Coke and Disney have provided guidance for us to unleash our creativity in the business world. Pulizzi (2016) describes the latest trends in 2016 for marketing and shares his perspective on “Influencer Marketing.” Much of our studies have focused all marketing efforts outward towards the public. For this discussion, I would like to focus those efforts inwards toward our internal customers, our employees. Please indulge me for a moment and consider if we took what we have learned and applied it to internal marketing campaigns. How much better would your workplace be?

Influence marketing is described as users looking to their peers for feedback rather than companies (Unknown, 2015). The same can be said for employees within an organization. Each of us have looked to peers for influence and feedback for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we do not receive enough feedback from our boss or the organization has a poor culture surrounding internal communications. What would exceptional internal marketing look like? Who has examples of recent trends in corporate internal communication campaigns?

Pulizzi, R. 2016. Influencer Marketing: The Latest Strategies, Template and Tools. Retrieved from: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/education/the-complete-guide-to-influencer-marketing-strategies-templates-tools/

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2 Responses to Whose Trendy?

  1. Yarasette says:

    Hi Martin,

    Great job for posting this topic! Marketing as a field has changed over the years. After the social media bombing, the traditional marketing practices has evolved to attract’s customers attention. I think the best way to evolved as technology evolves is asking to peers for advice and guidance. Also, creativity is a way to create innovative ways to market a product.

    Thank you!


  2. Sarah Price says:

    Hi Martin, thanks for posing this question. It is something I have thought about quite a bit. I pride myself on excellent outward-facing consumer communications, but I sometimes struggle with “marketing” my work internally. Recently I have challenged myself to apply external marketing concepts to my internal communications. For example, I have tried to pause to consider stakeholder groups and perceptions (in the style of CMGT 502) for upcoming internal presentations.

    Your question specifically about “internal” influencer marketing is a good one and I believe there is some research on this topic, through organizational social network theory. I also recall some of Kotter’s principles applying here, in identifying and leveraging influential organization members, and in “showing” rather than telling to create an emotional response.

    I would have loved to hear more of your thoughts on this subject – did you find any examples of excellent internal marketing campaigns? In any event, great topic.