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Snapchat CEO Now Onboard with Once “Creepy” Social Media Advertising

Reaching target demographics is key for advertisers to promote their brands effectively and social media advertising has become the best resource for that. According to Ganguly (2016) “social media advertising” allows businesses and advertisers to pinpoint potential customers “by using users’ … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Time Warner

So, Time Warner who was purchased by Charter Communications in May of this year officially is now Spectrum. I was a Time Warner customer and have to say the customer service left a lot to be desired.  I recall being … Continue reading

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Cutting the Cord is Back and the Future is Bright – My Buyer Journey

[] I first cut the cord on cable TV several years ago. More than a way to save money, it was a practical step, being a busy consultant flying over 100k miles a year. There was no point of subscribing … Continue reading

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Diversity in Marketing

Commercials have come along way in the last decade. Prior to 2010 the likelihood of finding a company that would take a chance to feature anything else but a “traditional family” was hard find. Hearken back the olden days when … Continue reading

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Brand Loyalty. A Marketing Paradox?

Brand loyalty. The holy grail of branding, marketing, and advertising. It is believed to be the byproduct of building deep connections and meaningful relationships between customers and their beloved brands. Once you earn your customers’ loyalty, then you can count on it to defend or even increase your … Continue reading

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More Than Words: How Fonts Influence the Mood of a Message

Fonts are like childhood friends, familiar, steady, endearing and predictable. When we see a font, we know what it’s going to say to us. Times New Roman is the serious and responsible friend, Arial is simply the good friend with … Continue reading

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Counterculture Spaces in the Digital Era: Untapped Markets or “No Brand’s Land”?

 There is nothing new about brands using counterculture trends as a way to revamp their images, create fresh takes on their products, and reach out to new groups of consumers.  In the 1990’s many brands created hip, edgy, and subversive … Continue reading

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Don’t Write a Check with Lyrics That Your Donkey Can’t Cash

Pop a lot of pain pills Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels Beat that p@$$y up like Emmett Till Yeah This time rap mogul, Lil Wayne has crossed the line with his controversial lyric from Future’s remix, Karate … Continue reading

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Brand, Reputation, and 548% Price Increases

This week, we considered the ethics of advertising and pondered the seesaw of right versus profitable. In considering right versus profitable in marketing, I admit I was distracted from promotion to one of the other four marketing “Ps”—price. Recent news … Continue reading

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To sit or to stand…. That is the question

I have something to tell you. You may want to sit down, or actually, stand up.  I’m not one to embrace every emerging trend, but the standing desk phenomenon is not one that can easily be ignored.  Luckily I have … Continue reading

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