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Oh Lord, I’m stuck in Lodi again 

Ok, enough of the obscure song lyrics.  Have you ever heard of Lodi? At a recent wine tasting that I attended there were several wines that the group universally loved and they were all from Lodi, California. We were all … Continue reading

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The Humor of Shipping Supplies?

Every month this catalog hits my desk and immediately goes into the recycle bin. This month, something different happened and this catalog has been on my desk all week. Uline is doing something right.  Marketers agree that catalogs are still … Continue reading

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It’s Call of Duty time.

This is it. Counting down in three days, it’s the time of the year when millions of gamers all have been expected. “It’s Call of Duty time.” Activision’s latest Call of duty franchise Ghosts will be released on November 5, 2013. … Continue reading

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iPhone + Burberry= too chavvy?

Despite the fact that Apple shares dropped 5% after new iPhone release, the new iPhone 5C and 5S still generate some buzz after their cooperation with the über-British luxurious brand Burberry. Yet, many make jokes about their chavvy union. Before … Continue reading

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