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Lil Wayne Finds His Calling

The new Galaxy S7 has released multiple comical commercial featuring rap star Lil Wayne.  The new phone has a certified water-resistant rating and can handle more than just spills. In the commercial below, Lil Wayne demonstrates the possibilities of this … Continue reading

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55 Years of Love

When it starts to come close to mid-February, everyone begins to think about Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s making dinner reservations, getting the perfect gift, or simply wanting to share a day with someone they love, there is always something to … Continue reading

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How my Masters has informed my job hunt

After reviewing Vaynerchek’s book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (2013), I felt that I could use social media to market any brand more effectively. This got me thinking about my personal brand and my interest in marketing “Sarah Nettinga” as … Continue reading

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Is Content Marketing the biggest thing in advertising since the creation of the television commercial?

Content marketing has been defined as “the overarching practice of using information and entertainment to promote a brand or product” (DeMers, 2014, para. 1). It is important to note that this content does not have to be produced exclusively for … Continue reading

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Hold your horse! One of the best-loved games Hasbro’s Monopoly axed a playing piece and I’m just finding out about this now?  Even worse, I found out about it on Facebook – through a Zappos ad?!  This game and I … Continue reading

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Who Moved my Hovercheese?

Life passes at megabit speed. We have organized, streamlined and prioritized our days to maximize our time effectively balancing work, school, raising families, exercising, and, hopefully, playtime.  Time-efficiency increases by avoiding commercials watching TV on demand, skipping ads to immediately … Continue reading

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