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Emotional Marketing/Advertising: Good or Bad?

In recent weeks in China, one of the biggest and most heated topic in advertising and marketing industry is the SK II campaign focusing on a very popular community nowadays in China – the “leftover” women. (I saw another classmate … Continue reading

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Marketing with Instagram Influencers

Marketing With Instagram Influencers Today while I was browsing through my Instagram and doing my daily routine of checking the newest updates of several Instagram influencers that I follow, I suddenly realized why so many brands are looking for suitable … Continue reading

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Jabs and Right Hooks of Halloween Horror Night

Anyone who has been to this year’s Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studio? I went there last Friday and it scared me a lot….. Anyway, back to the topic. After reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, I felt it would … Continue reading

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#Bendgate: Marketing Opportunities Seized by KitKat

After customers complained that the newly-released iPhone 6 Plus could bent unexpectedly, lots of brands, not only Apple’s smartphone rivals, have taken to mock the so-called “bendgate” using the hashtag function on Twitter.   “Curved. Not Bent.” Samsung wrote on … Continue reading

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Design for Sustainable Change

Anne Chick’s book, Design for Sustainable Change (2011) claims that design can help solve societal problems. She discusses how design thinking is evolving and being applied to a much wider spectrum of social and environmental issues. Therefore, design can be … Continue reading

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Go Viral for Humanity

GO VIRAL FOR HUMANITY “In order for people to care, they have to know” – Jason Russel, Invisible Children Viral marketing is defined as a piece of content generated by a person or company that viewers are eager to share … Continue reading

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