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Storytelling is an essential marketing technique for good reason. When executed correctly, storytelling can be a “powerful way to breathe life into a brand” (Monarth, 2014). Dell’s new “Future Ready” campaign is looking to do just that. Following the release … Continue reading

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Chances are, if you had access to the radio or watched MTV in 2003, you can recall the popularity of Killer Mike’s A.D.I.D.A.S. song. If not, you might remember hearing kids (and adults alike) singing/rapping the lyrics “All Day I … Continue reading

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Instagram… Creating a world of envy?

I’ve never been a fan of social media. I find it to be a nuisance. Too many times friends have stopped me from consuming my food just so that they could spend five minutes attempting to find the perfect angle. … Continue reading

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Your Take: Tiger Woods’ latest Nike ad

Whether you’re a golf fan or just a casual observer of news headlines, chances are you’ve heard all about the latest concerning Tiger Woods. No, I don’t mean the news that he’s dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. There’s a new … Continue reading

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Which comes first? The product or the brand?

We live in a ready-made world. People are pressed for time and look to accomplish tasks without sacrificing too much of their day. Look around and you’ll see ready-made websites, templates for fliers or just about anything else you can … Continue reading

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