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The Changing Format of Late Night Talk Shows

As a big Colbert fan I am anxiously awaiting his start at The Tonight Show. Coming from a show popular with the millennial audience he no doubt knows a few ways to be engaging with how the younger generation views … Continue reading

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Can Google be De-Throned?

When you think of search typically one company’s name comes to mind: Google. It is hard to remember that there are even other search companies that exist despite the fact that Google’s market share has been declining in recent months … Continue reading

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Branding: Is it worth it?

The idea of brand building began when companies took notice of psychological research that showed patterns in how people made decisions. Businesses realized they could use these tactics to get more people to make the decision to buy their product. … Continue reading

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Get ready for the Black Friday?

Midnight approaches—it’s almost Black Friday 2013! Are you ready for a turkey meal with your family? Do you have plans to go somewhere for a refreshment? Or perhaps, you are getting more and more excited just like I am. See, … Continue reading

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Re-consider Internet’s Impact: Online Branding vs. Online Brand

Before starting discussion, let us review the latest commercial campaign of Burberry online. Coordinated with the internet magnate Google, the British luxury brand has provided new form of consumer engagement, Burberry Kisses—-a visually immersive and interactive experience that allows users … Continue reading

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