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CAN-SPAM… and no, I’m not talking about canned ‘meat’

CAN-SPAM is the U.S. federal regulation regarding the sending of commercial email and messages. Besides email, something else that’s covered under CAN-SPAM is SMS messaging. To give a little background around CAN-SPAM… What does ‘CAN-SPAM’ even mean? CAN-SPAM’s full name is Controlling the … Continue reading

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Do you know the name of the 9th U.S. President?

Don’t feel too bad if you don’t know… you’re not alone. Less than 1% of those surveyed didn’t know either.  If you’re dying to know, his name is William Henry Harrison. And if you haven’t heard of him, it’s probably because he … Continue reading

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Get your hustle on!…Kind of?

Amid a 7-1 season and leading his NFL football division, Bruce Arians the Arizona Cardinals head football coach, believes in the old adage, “work smarter, not harder.” Arians had a long road to a head coaching job in the NFL, … Continue reading

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Solve your own crisis!

Get out in front of crisis! Anyone who argues with this notion in today’s world probably lives under rock and doesn’t pay attention to social media. I actually study sports and I treat as an academic discipline, that’s probably why … Continue reading

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Official Non-Sponsor of…that event

Official Olympic sponsorships are coveted by companies for the brand exposure and the prestige of being able to say, “Official Sponsor of the 2012 London Olympic Games.” The International Olympic Committee has very strict marketing standards to protect official sponsors, … Continue reading

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Give it a tap: NFC and the new era in digital marketing

You are not alone if you haven’t heard of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology or never realized that you’ve probably already used a form of it whether through a digital wallet, FastTrak pass to zip through a toll bridge, or paid for gas with an easy swipe. NFC uses RFID or a short length wireless radio frequency to send snippets of data to a receiver. Once touted by mobile device makers as the breakthrough technology for the mobile wallet system, it is now being leveraged by digital marketers to push content in very powerful and convenient ways. Continue reading

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