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Made to stick in a good way

New York Times bestseller, Heath brothers’ Made to Stick, inspires me in many ways as and beyond a marketer. Its SUCCESs model, referring to create a simple unexpected concrete credentialed emotional story, is also extremely helpful for creatives to generate … Continue reading

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Where there’s an Apple, there is a Samsung.

While everybody is still talking about Apple’s new big screen smartphone iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung has released a new ad for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which mocks subtly: Apple is copying Samsung, three year later! Galaxy Note 4 … Continue reading

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Give it a tap: NFC and the new era in digital marketing

You are not alone if you haven’t heard of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology or never realized that you’ve probably already used a form of it whether through a digital wallet, FastTrak pass to zip through a toll bridge, or paid for gas with an easy swipe. NFC uses RFID or a short length wireless radio frequency to send snippets of data to a receiver. Once touted by mobile device makers as the breakthrough technology for the mobile wallet system, it is now being leveraged by digital marketers to push content in very powerful and convenient ways. Continue reading

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