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The end of the universe and why there are so many mattress stores

Having recently purchased a new mattress, I began to notice that my neighborhood in Houston, TX seems to be inundated with mattress stores, particularly by the Mattress Firm. According to its website, Mattress Firm has 102 locations in the Houston … Continue reading

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Wet Seal Lets Teen Borrow Its Social Channel for Weekend

How could a multimillion-dollar fashion brand hand the reigns of its social media channel to a 16-year-old girl? Because it knew she would have a better shot at speaking the site language. Meghan Hughes, aka MissMeghanMakeup, probably did a little … Continue reading

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Pinterest = Word of Mouth x1000!

Word of mouth has long been one of marketing’s strongest tools. The internet helped spur this along with the advent of blogs and, to a degree, user reviews located on e-commerce websites like Amazon.  Now there is a new approach … Continue reading

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Taking Brand Messaging to a whole other world.

FaceBooks recent IPO debacle, in contrast to Google’s more stellar public release, does not diminish the company’s intrinsic value. Its true value stems from its biggest asset, its more than 800 million registered users worldwide. Essentially it has become the … Continue reading

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