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When Social Becomes the Creative

In an attempt to “speak the language” of their consumers, brands are utilizing different forms of creative to market their products. The popularity of streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and … Continue reading

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Are You Willing to “Binge-Watch” a Marketing Campaign?

With video streaming at an all time high, brands are in search of innovative tactics to market new products, broaden their reach, and increase user traffic. In a cluttered digital landscape with constant messaging, brands need new ways to target … Continue reading

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Starbucks 2015: Marketing Convenience

In an effort to rally support after disclosing lower than expected sales this quarter, Starbucks announced that it is working on an app that will enable customers to pre-order beverages and eventually, have them delivered to you (Choi, 2014). They … Continue reading

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Urban Outfitters: Shameless Publicity or Sheer Ignorance?

This week, clothing retailer Urban Outfitters released a new product for sale on their website that instantly went viral… and not in a good way. For only $129, you could purchase this one of a kind, vintage-inspired Kent State University … Continue reading

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iPad Mini: Expecting the Unexpected

Two months ago, Amazon’s 7-inch tablet Kindle Fire HD debuted with a captivating price $199. Before that, I always regarded tablet as an unnecessary device and claimed that I would never waste my money on it.  But the low-priced Kindle … Continue reading

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Mad Men, A Fictional Show and A Real Advertising Battlefield

Although Jon Hamm was still wearing his signature smile, I was upset sitting in front of TV when I saw Mad Men went home empty-handed on 2012 Emmy Awards ceremony last Sunday night. The critically acclaimed show caused a stir … Continue reading

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