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Marc S. Posner | @marcposner — Storyteller. Spokesman @CypressCollege. Recovering journalist. USC grad student (Class of 2017). Expect: Hockey, space, aviation, public relations, marketing, comm, Apple, higher ed.

Don’t Shoot or Stab or Bludgeon the Messenger

I will not die in this spot. I’m sitting at my desk at a Southern California community college. It’s the best in the nation, at least from my biased perspective. But it could be any college. Or a church. Or … Continue reading

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‘I’m With Her’: Deconstructing Clinton’s Failed Presidential Bid

It’s highly doubtful that Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan doomed her presidential hopes. No, that falls into another area of communication: her inability to connect with people on a human level. But, roll with me here a minute on the slogan. … Continue reading

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Headphones? Who Needs Headphones?

Even those who can’t distinguish a megabyte from a megapixel know that Apple deleted the headphone jack from their new iPhones. Critics and comedians are relentless in making the decision the joke de jour. While the pundits debate the merit … Continue reading

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