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Social Media Use During a Crisis

Since its inception, social media wove itself into popular culture today, causing organizations to engage with key stakeholders through various social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube collectively attract about 2.8 billion users each … Continue reading

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Celebrity Endorsements: Do they guarantee success?

Back in late March, Jay-Z launched Tidal, a music streaming service. I didn’t see the press conference live, but I remember a friend saying “I’ve never seen so many celebrities on a stage looking so weird.” I recalled the hashtag, … Continue reading

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You’re on Coke

Coca-Cola’s latest campaign has created stir in the Big Apple and San Francisco.  The simple white posters with black lettering have been displayed at local bus stops and subways and have gained notoriety, curiosity, and controversy from onlookers.  The writing … Continue reading

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Do you love your car, your iPhone, your PC?

Are you part of a brand community? If you are a devout Apple product user and you see someone else using an iPhone or working off their iPad, do you identify with that person and think that you have something … Continue reading

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Does Adam Sandler Really Eat Popeye’s? Do You Care?

Have you ever watched a television show or movie and seen the actors drinking a Coke, working on a MAC, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses or eating pizza right out of a Pizza Hut box? If you haven’t seen these particular … Continue reading

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