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The “Canada Goose Phenomenon”

This Spring break, when I was in Fairbanks, Alaska for northern lights, I was surprised that more than half of the Chinese travelers there were wearing the same kind of jackets—the parka jacket with fluffy fur hood and a striking circular … Continue reading

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Emotional Marketing/Advertising: Good or Bad?

In recent weeks in China, one of the biggest and most heated topic in advertising and marketing industry is the SK II campaign focusing on a very popular community nowadays in China – the “leftover” women. (I saw another classmate … Continue reading

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Citi’s Success with Experiential Marketing

You may know Citi to be another financial company offering banking products and services. However, Citi has started doing something different. The Private Pass has become Citi’s way to differentiate from its competitors, attract consumers and, most importantly, boost credit card revenue. … Continue reading

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Massage Envy’s Rebranding Efforts: A Touch Point Selection Perspective

Earlier this year Massage Envy, the pioneer and largest national therapeutic message and skincare franchise, announced a rebranding strategy to appeal to Boomers and Millennials (Madov, 2016). According to Debbie Gonzalez, Massage Envoy’s Chief Brand Officer, the franchisor hopes to … Continue reading

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Pitching with Force! – by Frank Rivera

As a course developer and instructor you witness many styles of delivery when it comes to teaching and instruction. You have your cutters, forks, curves, you get it. The cutters always walk up with a joke, they begin with the … Continue reading

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Facebook Goes Full Force with Live Viewing

Much like Periscope and Snapchat, live streaming has become one of the hot trends for social media developers. It is also one of the easiest and most affordable approaches for broadcasting a live event, and reaching a more targeted audience … Continue reading

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Blue 42, Blue 42 … Tweet-Tweet!

No longer do you need to have cable to watch Thursday Night Football, just a Twitter account!  This past week, the NFL made a deal with Twitter to live stream Thursday Night Football games on the social platform. “Re/Code’s Peter … Continue reading

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You’re Either Beautiful or Just Average, No In Between

Every single day, you walk through a series of doors, not thinking much of it. Enter, exit, male, female – all descriptions that you are probably so used to, that you don’t put much thought into it. What if you … Continue reading

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Ultimately, why do we like watching videos?

Long time ago, when social media first popped up into the Internet world, we were enthusiastic about the content and the stories told. Texts, images, and videos were fair games for users. Today, images were still popular in social media … Continue reading

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Corporate Campaigns ‘Go Green’ on Earth Day

April is designated as ‘earth month’ at several universities (USC, Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Berkeley, to name a few) an extension of Earth Day, which is coming up on April 22, 2016, a day where both individuals and companies alike try … Continue reading

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