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April Fools!

I would bet that we each have a memorable April Fools prank that we can remember. Some of us might have fallen for a silly April Fools prank by a spouse or friend, and others victim to companies using social … Continue reading

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Wait… loss? Or Weight Loss: A New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never been one to actually make a new year’s resolution. I thought they were cheesy and have always felt that if I want to do something- lose weight, work smarter not harder, make more money, etc. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Rise of the….mini-movie ads?

Ogilvy, an international advertising firm based in Manhattan and founded nearly 60 years ago, has created a new type of advertisement: a short, 15-second clip that encompasses the entirety of a novel, specifically by Ernest Hemingway. The company created a … Continue reading

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The NBA’s all-inclusive new ad campaign

Fancy yourself a basketball fan? Well, the NBA certainly does as the multibillion dollar company recently signed a lucrative media deal that increases its budget for marketing to target casual fans. The new campaign, which made its debut on October … Continue reading

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DirecTV vs. Viacom: The Crisis Communication Battle Rages On

On July 10th, 26 channels under the Viacom umbrella went dark on DirecTV’s satellite service. The age old business model of bundling television networks together may have run its course and this situation is creating a public relations nightmare for … Continue reading

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Take My Money, HBO! Why HBO Would Rather Support Digital Piracy Than Take Your Money

With programming that reaches 29 million subscribers in the United States (Carter, 2012), Home Box Office (HBO) has hit pay dirt with its HBO GO website and mobile application. Launched in February 2010, HBO GO has revolutionized the way its … Continue reading

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