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Quicken Loans Masters the Shake ‘n’ Bake Move of this Year’s March Madness Tourney

While you may not have a shot at the billion dollar bracket, Quicken Loans is getting a steal  You have probably have heard a little something about March Madness. With Selection Sunday in full swing, the countdown to the tipoff … Continue reading

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Lego: Back to the Bricks

I can remember going to my friend Fred’s house as a child and spending countless hours organizing, assembling, reorganizing and re-assembling our Legos.  We would take breaks and watch TV, play on Fred’s Nintendo, or occasionally dip into the G.I. … Continue reading

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Multi-Channel Attribution: Does Social Sell?

Multi-channel attribution (MCA) is used to help marketers better understand what tactic, program or tool can be attributed towards a sale. With so many different online marketing avenues (Facebook, Twitter, banner ads, etc), marketers are faced with the challenge of … Continue reading

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Scream it: Outdoor Still Works

In recent months, I have become very aware of outdoor ads. They are everywhere and it is pretty easy to tune them out. In Los Angeles, there are so many of them, it takes a really clever one to catch … Continue reading

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From Pin… To Purchase

Full disclosure: I wasn’t looking forward to writing this blog, actually I dreaded it. But once I got over it and put on my “big girl panties” I decided to just  follow the example of the bloggers that I enjoy … Continue reading

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Why aren’t advertisers more forward-thinking?

For the most part, I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I do so because you’re always sure to see something that is cutting edge, controversial and emotional (and sometimes all of the above). This year was no exception … Continue reading

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Smooth move Samsung

I love the Oscars. I love Ellen DeGeneres. So I was in heaven Sunday night watching her host the Oscars on ABC. The glitz, the glamour, the tweeting! I couldn’t wait to log in to my Twitter account and help … Continue reading

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Modern marketing

I recently took The Modern Marketing© 10-question Quiz to assess what areas could use improvement at my work – a trade union of about 20,000 members. In terms of social media activity and media outreach, we scored fairly high; but … Continue reading

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You’re on Coke

Coca-Cola’s latest campaign has created stir in the Big Apple and San Francisco.  The simple white posters with black lettering have been displayed at local bus stops and subways and have gained notoriety, curiosity, and controversy from onlookers.  The writing … Continue reading

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