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Black Dollars Matters

The minority is becoming the majority as the U. S. moves toward becoming a reversed dominant nation, a plurality of racial and ethnic groups (Wazwaz, 2015). The black population is growing in numbers, now comprising 14% of the U. S. … Continue reading

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Music On Campus: FYF Fest

Music On Campus: FYF Fest The annual FYF Festival previously known as (F Yeah! Festival) at Exposition Park took place for the three days for the first time this year. On July 21-23 2017, 70 bands performed a block away … Continue reading

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Clickbait Headlines Won’t Fade Until You Do This…

You have probably seen a similar headline like this before….did it entice you to read any further? Or if this was a post on a social media site like Facebook, would you click through to read more? If so, I … Continue reading

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Prison Rehabilitation may no Longer be an Option.

There are over 2.3 million incarcerated individuals in the United States.  The U.S. has the worlds largest prison population.  Being that many state budgets are low and lack funding, several prison facilities throughout the country are looking to provide an … Continue reading

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Where are the women in advertising?

  The field of advertising is still dominated by men. Anyone who has watched Mad Men knows the beginnings of the culture well. Has much changed? The books we read for class have been authored by men, and the video … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Generation Z Is Now The Largest Audience Segment

  Neilsen’s most recent report from July 2017 indicates that Generation Z now accounts for 26 percent of the total media audience, which makes them the largest audience segment (Sterling, 2017). This shift in demographics has been long anticipated, but … Continue reading

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Its NEAT to be ELITE: An insight into Yelp’s Clever Micro-Society and B2C Marketing

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Since 2013, I have been a member of one of the most exclusive squads on the internet: The Yelp Elites. Seriously though. I am Yelp Elite… and this year I even leveled up within even the elite squad: I am … Continue reading

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Big Data, Big Ideas

Regardless if you work in IT or not, you have probably heard the term “Big Data.” Big Data is the huge volume of data that deluges businesses on a day-to-day basis. Basically, data is generated from anything we do that … Continue reading

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Intergrated Communications – Facts on Millennial’s might surprise you!

The need and challenges for corporate Integrated communications efforts is well documented. The biggest concern in creating a successful integrated communications effort is the ever changing face of technology and how to maximize reach using rather new advancements to reach … Continue reading

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Unpacking “she’s threatened by you” in the workplace

Recently I consulted for a company that had hired a smart and curious female intern with a positive attitude and an extraordinary work ethic. She wanted to learn more about the marketing decisions at the company. She was also interested … Continue reading

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