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Get Busy With the Fizzy.

Domestic consumption of sparkling water has more than doubled in the past five years. Based on 2011 consumer report, Americans drank 232 million gallons of sparkling water. A recent report from Technavio predicts that global sparkling water market will post … Continue reading

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Time to make the profit…

Working on our final project, “Big Ideas” are on the forefront of our perspective. While trying to find that “something spectacular” to win the battle of the brand for our section, I’ve had a tendency to look at the world … Continue reading

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Can Politics Be Contagious to Brands?

Politics has always been a controversial business, yet brands are willing to take political stances. Taking into consideration the fact that brands are not politicians and cannot lobby or make an advocacy group, they are mainly executing a political agenda … Continue reading

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How do you brand government?

Government has two main functions— to take care of the people they represent and to make things happen.  It develops policies and  funds projects. There is little competition. After all, where can you get a driver’s license other than the … Continue reading

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Video Is The New Text

If you are a big sports fan then you are likely familiar with ESPN and Fox Sports, two of the largest and most dominant sports broadcasting networks in the world. You have probably visited both their websites to check out … Continue reading

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You Won’t Believe What This Billboard is Advertising!

I was driving down the 80 freeway in the Bay Area and I saw the most vibrant and striking billboard I have ever seen: My favorite dessert flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip.  To see an explosion of flavor come to … Continue reading

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Marketing Homes to Millennials: Irrelevant? Or the Future?

If there is one group of people the housing market has not figured out, its millennials. This is not just a “feeling,” this lack of understanding is found in the media. Take two recent articles from NBC News and Forbes. … Continue reading

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The Right and Getting Left Behind on Social Media “But I’m doing social media.” This phrase came out of the mouth of one of my potential strategic communication consulting clients. She had been shooting her TV show “Cindy’s Table” for … Continue reading

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Instagram Stories is a Year Old.

As of today, Instagram Stories is a year old. Stories is a feature on Instagram, similar to Snapchat, which allows followers to post pictures and videos taken within the last 24 hours or have live video sessions where followers can … Continue reading

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