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Apps Matter ─ Battle of Smartphone

My father is a huge Google fan. He showed me his shiny new Android phone when he visited me last month. I am not jealous. Since I knew I will soon have an iPad. We went to Griffith Observatory together. … Continue reading

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Verizon iPhone breaks the sales record

  Before, if people want to use iPhone, they can only choose AT&T. But The rate of  AT&T is very high, and people are not satisfied with  AT&T. However, Verizon began to pre-order Verizon iPhone. On the first day of pre-order, Verizon sold … Continue reading

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Packers vs. Steelers? or Best Buy vs. Volskswagen? The Then and Now of Super Bowl Advertising

As per annum, this week the whole of America (and a large proportion of the rest of the world) will congregate and consume in front of the sporting calendar’s most anticipated contest; The Super Bowl. In recent years, the NFL’s … Continue reading

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