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Brand Names….The NFL doesn’t catch a break!

Since we are learning about branding and organizational names, I thought this would be an appropriate topic of discussion. While this controversy is nothing new, it has been thrust into the spotlight. Owner Daniel Snyder insisted that he would never … Continue reading

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General Mills knows to walk a fine line with Annie’s

While reading the article on Burt’s Bees (the all-natural maker of lip balms and other skin care products) and how it is now owned by Clorox (best known for being the maker of bleach), I couldn’t help but think of … Continue reading

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Without split ends, I too can overcome adversity

Pantene Philippines has recently launched the “Whip It” campaign, elaborating on the parent companies long running “Shine Strong” campaign. Since I’ve been in grad school I haven’t had much time to spend on social media. Recently during my break I … Continue reading

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Twitter & Corporations

John Oliver Twitter If you watch the above video by John Oliver you’ll see that corporations have made it a priority to nudge their way into conversations happening between consumers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc… All is done under … Continue reading

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What Color is Your Company’s Logo?

Although I’m not a graphic designer (maybe a wannabe), corporate visual identity has always fascinated me. Whether you’re working at a start-up company, or creating a campaign, or selecting new product packaging – hoping for a unique and inspiring look … Continue reading

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If you watched that and your eyes are dry, you may have a heart of stone. Personally, I found myself in the fetal position searching for my dog to soothe my broken soul. Budweiser hit us where it hurts with … Continue reading

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Should Ben & Jerry’s Rename Ice Cream Flavor ‘Hazed & Confused’ ?

Ben & Jerry’s has a history of “interesting” – to say the least – names for flavors in which it has had to express regret for. In 2012, the company issued an apology for “Taste the Lin-Sanity” – a flavor … Continue reading

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Digital Sales: London-Based Designer Debuts Spring 2015 Collection Online

For the longest time, I have been infatuated with New York Fashion Week and everything it encompasses. I have never attended, but I always imagined it all: the glamour, the fur coats, the bright lights. As years have gone by, … Continue reading

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Tweet to Eat: Walkers Crisps Twitter Vending Machine

Nowadays, companies are not satisfied with only one single marketing strategy or using only one medium. In the digital age, who will still pay attention to the billboard?  People who are waiting buses? No, they will only listen to the … Continue reading

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“They don’t like to have black people making coffee for them.”

In a time where integrated marketing is the norm, and where your average person is likely connected to some form of social media, it is more important than ever for organizations, big and small, to be aware of the implications … Continue reading

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