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Special Olympics World Games 2015 Los Angeles: An Effective Marketing Campaign

The 2015 Special Olympics, in Los Angeles, started on July 25 and ended on August 2. The event featured thousands of athletes and was sponsored by many world renowned corporations (Special Olympics, 2015). Hosted at both USC and UCLA, the … Continue reading

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Empowerment: Can positive marketing messages truly redefine consumer attitudes and behavior?

As discussed earlier in the semester, companies such as Dove are solidifying their place in the market by implementing strategies that engage and empower consumers. Another organization that is employing the same tactics is Cheerios. Canada’s Multi-Grain Cheerios has recently … Continue reading

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Pass the credit card: Couch commerce invades your living room

As I write this post on my laptop computer, a movie is playing in the background (for the record, it’s Good Will Hunting on Netflix). My Blackberry is in my purse but well within reach. My Android phone is on the coffee … Continue reading

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Pardon me, do you remember Grey Poupon?

When the curtain opened on the 85th Academy Awards, I had already begun drafting a blog post about a new marketing initiative by the Girl Scouts of USA, who this season introduced a “nutritional” cookie featuring NutriFusion vitamin spread. I … Continue reading

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