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Are You Brave Enough to “Lean In?”

My lifelong best friend, Sonya, delivered a surprise to my mailbox last week: A copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s topical book, Lean In. In it was a note encouraging me to continue to lean in to my career by working hard at this … Continue reading

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See me. Feel me.

There will soon be a new shape to a Pepsi bottle. This news was announced last week.  It’s been 17 years since the 20-ounce bottle has been updated. It is a piece of a wider effort to bolster the sagging … Continue reading

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Dove For “Men”

Since the week where we learned about Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty I’ve found myself paying more attention to ads that define consumers. And it amazes me that so many of our traditional definitions of how to act and be … Continue reading

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The Next Wave of Mobile Communications?

Smart watches are coming. Just as Apple made the original iPhone a fashion accessory, they may create a new market for the next must-have possession. Currently, four manufacturers are rumored to be creating smart watches: Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google. … Continue reading

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Why E.T. liked Reese’s Pieces over M&Ms

When Director Steven Spielberg wrote his screenplay for E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, the script called for a trail of M&Ms candies to be made for E.T. to follow, but in the movie, ultimately Reese’s Pieces became the favorite of E.T. Makers … Continue reading

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This is Story

The universe is made of stories, not atoms.   -Muriel Rukeyser There is power in story.  Story is transformative, taking mere words and shaping them until they are woven and spun into a tapestry that paints a picture we are drawn into. … Continue reading

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Crystal ball: consumers, not actors, will soon be promoting brands

Look around you, it’s everywhere. User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective ways marketers can engage consumers with their brands. Whether staged or real, genuine or for monetary benefits, there is a common thread: brands utilize user videos … Continue reading

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Dynamic Content Duo = the future of Marketing + Big Data

Even though the digital revolution is well into its second decade, the ongoing ripple effects are no less impactful than the days when websites were the new kid on the block. Of course, as all of us at USC Annenberg … Continue reading

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Mental Health? There’s an app for that!

Self-development, stress management, mood consciousness and help for finding happiness are traditionally addressed on a couch across from a therapist. However, now thanks to smart-phone technology, self-help and spirituality are as close as your iPhone.  It’s common knowledge that self-help … Continue reading

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Let’s go Hauling

A recent story featured on NPR spotlighted a lucrative trend in advertising to young people through haul videos.   Teenagers are making these videos at home to share their thoughts on fashion and their latest purchases.  A quick Google search yielded … Continue reading

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