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How many times have targeted ads aimed right at you?

Thanks to big data and social media, the marketing and advertising world is becoming more efficient. These technologies help us filter all those unnecessary exposure to irrelevant content, and thus optimize advertisers’ media budget. (And of course, invade our privacy.) … Continue reading

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Made to stick in a good way

New York Times bestseller, Heath brothers’ Made to Stick, inspires me in many ways as and beyond a marketer. Its SUCCESs model, referring to create a simple unexpected concrete credentialed emotional story, is also extremely helpful for creatives to generate … Continue reading

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Mental Health? There’s an app for that!

Self-development, stress management, mood consciousness and help for finding happiness are traditionally addressed on a couch across from a therapist. However, now thanks to smart-phone technology, self-help and spirituality are as close as your iPhone.  It’s common knowledge that self-help … Continue reading

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Facebook Fatigue

“Facebook fatigue” is a phrase coined to explain a recent wave of boredom that appears to be setting in for many of the site’s members.  If you find yourself needing a Facebook hiatus from time to time because you don’t value … Continue reading

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