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Never Stop Exploring

Not that traditional advertising is not important or does not exist anymore, what advertisers and marketers need to do is far more complex and complicated than what it was before in order to really cut through the marketing clutter that … Continue reading

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Did that make you cry?

Offensive imagery for brands have been pervasive in American history and many of these brands are propagated by derogatory stereotypes (Bhasin, 2011). For instance, Aunt Jemima, a brand that still exists today, but has been dramatically altered since its first … Continue reading

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Solve your own crisis!

Get out in front of crisis! Anyone who argues with this notion in today’s world probably lives under rock and doesn’t pay attention to social media. I actually study sports and I treat as an academic discipline, that’s probably why … Continue reading

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Evian: Real Time Marketing Empowered by Social Media

It’s gonna be really hot out there in summer. And Evian is trying to help! With the new real time marketing campaign on handing out free bottles of water, Evian has successfully built a brand buzz via social media channel.  And … Continue reading

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Is it time to bury the Press Release?

It wasn’t too long ago that the press release was the ultimate news source for media. Pushed to various news outlets, this well written and summarizing piece was, after all, “for immediate use” and welcomed as a fresh source of … Continue reading

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Sex, sweat, and beer

That seems to be the stuff that sells, well, stuff. Or, at least those seem to be the most successful and I must admit, entertaining, ads out there. However, these products seem to be targeted primarily towards men. So, what … Continue reading

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Commercial songs are not necessary to appear merely in commercials

Have you ever searched a song stuck in your head forever? Commercial song is not a new idea in the advertising field; a nice commercial song can always trigger the interests of the audience. Many people cannot figure out what the song … Continue reading

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Take kids out to the ballgame…

Or they will be destined to watch a Viagra advertisement on TV every time the Kansas City Royals decide to make the call to their bullpen. For non-baseball enthusiasts, you may not have heard about Pfizer’s incessant media buys during the … Continue reading

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Winning over Consumers

JetBlue Airlines routinely offers competitive prices to consumers with the highest quality in service. Due to the treatment of consumers JetBlue airlines has expanded direct flights from San Francisco to Las Vegas. This change comes in direct competition with other … Continue reading

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The “Name Names” Phenomenon in Recent Commercials

I watch a lot of TV series online. Correspondingly, I have to watch the commercials from the broadcasters’ sponsors before the episode starts. Then recently, I observed an interesting phenomenon that companies begin to call their rivals’ names directly in … Continue reading

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